A recent study in Great Britain found that the more someone drinks, the more successful he/she is likely to be in their chosen career. We believe the same applies to arts events--the more an audience drinks, the more successful an arts event is likely to be. Therefore, in the spirit of nurturing a successful arts community, this week we are suggesting not just arts events, but nearby drinking establishments as well. To success!--Eds.


Jack Straw Writers Program

(READINGS) Tonight Rebecca Loudon, Peggy Sturdivant, Mary Lou Sanelli, Doug Heckman, and Claudia Mauro open the Jack Straw Writers Program, which is presented in three installments (tonight, May 16, and May 23). The readings will take place near Flowers Bar and Restaurant, which is the best and cleanest place to drink on the Ave. If Flowers is packed, walk down to Ruby, which is also clean and has a full bar. (Jack Straw Productions, 4261 Roosevelt, 634-0919, 7:30 pm, $5. Flowers Bar and Restaurant, 4247 University Way NE, 633-1903; Ruby, 4241 University Way NE, 675-1770.) CHARLES MUDEDE


The Making of 'The Green Goblin's Last Stand'

(FILM) Brook the disappointment of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man by reveling in this spectacular documentary about a hardcore Baltimore webhead who risked life and limb (literally) to make a series of no-budget Spidey movies on camcorder, with homemade costumes, comic-faithful scripts (hello, Gwen Stacy), and a busload of homemade effects and stunts that put the blockbuster's digital dalliances to shame. Since 911 Media Arts Center is in a kind of neutral zone bar-wise, I suggest a lateral dash to Re-bar, which at long last offers cocktails. (911 Media Arts Center, 117 Yale Ave N, 682-6552, 8 pm, $6/$4 911 members; Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, 233-9873.) SEAN NELSON


Slow Children

(THEATER) Playwright Matthew Weiss has turned the froofy rock era into comedy with Slow Children. The "glam-metal melodrama" recently opened at Re-bar, and the play focuses on two musicians, two cops, and two groupie girlfriends who ham up the '80s (and some tangled love triangles) for all they're worth (which is a lot). Pre-show drinks can be had at the high-class Cloud Room at the Camlin Hotel, where you can check out the pianoman stylings of Martin Ross. Oh, and since this play is at Re-bar, you can keep on drinkin' at your seat. (Re-bar 1114 Howell St, $12-$15; the Cloud Room, 1619 Ninth Ave, 682-0100.) JENNIFER MAERZ


Mother's Day Brunch

(RESTAURANT) If your mother's anything like mine, she's going to want things "nice" on Mother's Day. As in a "nice" meaningful card or flowers, followed by a "nice" meal. So bring her over to French bistro Avenue One, where Chef Charles Walpole is offering his Mother's Day prix fixe brunch. Yes, $27 a person ($13.50 for kids 12 and under) is a bit steep for breakfast, but you get three courses--a fruit plate, an entrée, assorted rich pastries--and a mimosa. If your Mother's Days are anything like mine, you'll need a stiff drink afterward--so head over to the Virginia Inn right down the street and get a huge, spicy Bloody Mary. You'll need it, I assure you. (Avenue One, 1921 First Ave, 441-6139, reservations recommended, brunch 11:30 am-3 pm; the Virginia Inn, 1937 First Ave.) MIN LIAO


All-Ages Action

(DANCE) If you are at all involved in Seattle's all-ages music scene, then I'm sure you've heard the big news by now--conservative/irrelevant city council member Margaret Pageler is holding a public meeting regarding the TDO. This is a public forum for cops, religious leaders, and the like to come together and discuss why the Teen Dance Ordinance is a good idea. But the TDO isn't a good idea. And while Pageler and Co. are talking about teens and why teens shouldn't have access to clubs and all-ages shows, there will be no kids or bands present on this panel of "experts"! WTF? Everyone who wants to get rid of the TDO is going to have to show up uninvited. Come to the Miller Community Center on Capitol Hill at 6:30 p.m. tonight. Who knows what's going to happen? Maybe some music? Maybe some dancing? Maybe some rock stars? Oh, and the over-age types will no doubt head to a bar after the dance. (Miller Community Center, 6:30 pm, 330 19th Ave E, across from Meany Middle School.) MEGAN SELING


Partake of Alcoholic Splendors

(DRINK) Why not do your career a favor and get a jump on Hump Day by getting completely blotto? Remember, people who drink are MORE successful than people who don't, so DRINK UP. Some suggested watering holes: Linda's Tavern, the Nitelite, the Moon Temple Restaurant in Wallingford, Hooters, Industrial Coffee, Summit Tavern, Lava Lounge, the Double Header, the Harbor Steps (keep it in the bag, please), your back porch, your front porch, church, your neighbor's house, my house, Margaret Pageler's house... JUST GET OUT THERE AND DRINK! BRADLEY STEINBACHER


Masami Teraoka

(ART) The premise for this three-artist show is something about culture and context, but skip it and head right for Teraoka's paintings. He takes the tradition of the woodblock print and gives it a dark-hearted update, with the geishas frantically tearing open condom packets with their teeth and the samurai tying his Nikes. It's the same kind of cultural clash you find at the Alibi Room, with all those well-dressed people fighting their darker impulses, but not fighting them so very hard. You just know they go home and do dirty, dirty things. Mmmmmmm. (Solomon Fine Art, 1215 First Ave, 297-1400, Mon-Sat through May 31; Alibi Room, 85 Pike St, 623-3180.) EMILY HALL