Michael Kelly

Locations: Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Georgetown, Fremont, and Belltown.

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Description: A classy Italian eatery and bar where gigantic efforts are undertaken to ensure the most authentic experience possible.

What this entails: A great many of Via Tribunali's goods are imported from Italy (such as tomatoes, sauce, red pepper, flour, all the wine, the napkins, pizza boxes, forks, knives, plates, Parmesan-cheese shakers, the doors, the doors' hinges, the standing platforms for the pizza makers, and the oven).

The oven too?: Yup. They import the bricks, the mortar, and even the crew that builds it.

What the oven will remind you of: Either an igloo (Capitol Hill's has shiny white bricks and a domed top) or the Brothers Grimm (it's not difficult to imagine it as being the exact same oven into which little Gretel shoved the cannibal witch).

Happy hours: Capitol Hill: Sun–Thurs 10:30 pm–midnight, Fri–Sat 11 pm– midnight (other happy-hour schedules vary per location—check listings at thestranger.com/chow for details).

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Happy-hour drink specials: $3 Peroni drafts, $8 half liter/$15 whole liter house wine.

Food specials: $5 pizza! (Margherita, salame, or marinara.) recommended

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