It's not even a full nine minutes long, but believe me when I tell you the Assailant's self-titled, eight-song EP still packs enough punch to knock you back on your ass. In song after song, a blistering, noisy sludge floods thunderous deep-throat screaming. Quick-paced guitars also swarm the vocals, parting the bulky mess and leading the way to some heavy-as-hell breakdowns, proving that these guys can make a lot happen in under a minute.

For those of you who are already Assailant fans, the new material will sound familiar. The EP is just a remastered version of the mini-disc the band self-released earlier this year. But before they put out a full-length on Black Matter next year, the Assailant wanted to re-press the EP with new art, which includes awesome design work on both sides of the disc.

The Assailant have finally returned home after a successful 41-date U.S. tour, so to celebrate the release of the EP and the return to sleeping in their own beds, they're throwing a homecoming party at 4812 Greenwood Avenue North on Monday the 11th. The band will stick around town for a while (I'm sure they've had all the touring they can handle for the time being) and get to work on new material for the full-length as well as a split EP with the Great Redneck Hope (which is being released on Electric Human Project).

Also playing this show is Level-Plane band Hot Cross (labelmates with Malady, a discordant hardcore band that did an impressive job playing in the very same basement just last week). Hot Cross also have a new EP out. Released back in June, Fair Trades and Farewells reminds me of Q and Not U's No Kill No Beep Beep record but with quicker guitars and great chaotic layers. The vocals are a little more pissed off and the pace is a lot quicker, but the songs are really catchy, so they stick with you.

With so much happening on disc, Hot Cross will have to have a pretty tight live show or else it'll just end up sounding muddied in that basement, but I've heard that they handle their shows well. And I know the Assailant can lay it down live; their dynamic performance generally involves some sort of injury. Despite suffering blows like broken wrists or busted-open eyebrows, the Assailant always put on a great performance.

The show starts around 7:00 p.m., and they'll be taking donations at the door. MEGAN SELING