Over two years ago, when Ground Zero bookers Sam Melancon and Malia Alexander noticed a reenergized music scene on the Eastside, they wanted to do something to help out. Enter Sardonic Sounds, the organization the ambitious duo founded that does everything for the bands on their roster; from releasing records, to booking shows, and helping with promotion.

As Sardonic has accumulated an impressive roster of acts, they've decided to pull them all together for little showcase. Featuring a half a dozen bands, the bill "really shows off the new scene we have going on at Ground Zero and Sardonic Sounds," explains Melancon. "We always refer to the community around us as the family, and these are the bands that represent our family."

Currently their family comprises A Kiss Farewell, Bird Shaped Holes in the Sky, Tiny Vipersss, and Joules--to name a few (all the bands named will be playing on Saturday night). Besides being a showcase of their roster, the night is also a celebration for Sardonic's latest release, Joules' Laser Cannon & Street Thunder.

Consisting of ex-Vermillion and Murdered Housewives members, Joules "started with the philosophy that math-rock was played out and that we wouldn't do this sort of technical stuff just for the sake of being technical," according to their profile on myspace.com. "Then we ended up writing a bunch of really technical music... I guess it's just what we're good at." Indeed they are. Joules has mastered the art of creating precise compositions, but the usually prickly math-edge is dulled with a soft flow of well-calculated, beautiful melodies. Without saying a word (the album is composed entirely of instrumental tracks) Laser Cannon makes some awfully bold statements by transcending the usual local math-rock aesthetic.

Bird Shaped Holes in the Sky will release their Sardonic debut later this winter. For a sneak peek, I was only able to get my hands on the vocal-less demos, making it sorta difficult to form a valid opinion on the upcoming disc, but what I heard did sound promising. Electronic textures break through walls of guitars and drums, creating a moody atmosphere that shifts between spooky, turbulent, and placid.

Also premiering at the show is the new band Hornetz!, an outfit comprising members of the Fall of Troy, Mikeala's Fiend, and A Kiss Farewell. No one's sure what to expect from them, but if the members' other projects are any indication, it'll probably be some kind of blistering sonic attack. The show starts early at 6:00 p.m. and costs only $5 if you bring a canned food donation.


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