You guys! We are in crisis! There are just not enough hot young women! DO. THE. MATH.

A woman is dating a trans woman. Her girlfriend recently got bottom surgery and wants to try being penetrated by an actual penis, as opposed to a toy. Should the caller allow for an open relationship to accommodate this?

Strap in, folks, we’re unveiling a new extra spicy segment of the show called “What Are You Doing?” Dan reaches out to folks who are doing amazing things in the world of sex and asks them to please explain. In this first one, Dan interviews adult entertainer Rob Wilde to explain his kink for saline infusions. Did you know that you could stick a needle in your balls and blow them up to the size of basketballs… for a day? You can! Learn all about it.

And, a woman and her boyfriend are getting creative with medical byproducts. You’ll have to listen in to hear how.

Links from from the intro: Herehere, and here.