Her husband of ten years is interested in learning about non-monogamy. He started attending workshops about “divine femininity” and “dark masculinity.” The workshop leader seems sketchy and cultish to the caller. How can she vet this potential grifter and help her husband develop a little reasonable skepticism?

A woman and her husband have been in a poly relationship with another woman for 11 years. She is intertwined with the family and helps out with the kids. You know who also helps with the kids? The caller’s mother-in-law, who lives with them. At some point will she guess who the girlfriend really is? Will the kids? Should the caller tell everyone that their “very good friend” is really their long-term partner?

On the Magnum, Dan welcomes back Mexican writer, artist, and activist Leo Herrera, with some good news: Cruising is BACK, baby! He and Dan talk about how dating and hook-up apps fail gay men, and how people have lost the ability to interact IRL. His book, Analog Cruising, is out now. Learn how to do it right!

Finally, a woman in her 60s had a mostly emotional affair with a married man. She doesn’t want to be a mistress, but he really seemed like the love of her life. Will she love again?