Seriously, Tacoma? The City of Tacoma joined a motion from several of its police officers to prevent the Attorney General from obtaining unredacted copies of interviews those officers gave to an internal investigation into Manuel Ellis's death. In what the AG's court filing called an "extreme position," the City joined the officers in asking the Court to prioritize the 5th Amendment rights of officers who are not currently facing any criminal charges over the AG's ability to conduct a complete investigation. Is there literally anything a cop can do that their employer won't bend over backwards to defend? We'll find out when a judge rules on the motion today.

This is not police accountability: The Office of Police Accountability is proving every abolitionist's point by investigating the leak of a memo about SPD's lack of staffing in its sexual assault and child abuse unit. Kill someone with the gun the state gave you? No problem. Leak a memo about a boss misallocating resources so that cops can't investigate new adult sexual assault allegations? That's unacceptable. Good to know the OPA's priorities are in order. 

We're vaccinating puppets now: Elmo has some guidance for toddlers scared of getting the jab.

Charleena Lyles inquest still ongoing: The South Seattle Emerald writes this detailed recap of each day of the inquest's proceedings. With the Supreme Court wildin' out and dismantling our democracy at a feverish pace, I've not had nearly enough time to bear witness to the first inquest in years. If you've been similarly distracted, I highly recommend checking out Vee Hua's summary of the proceedings so far.

This is fucked up: I'm sorry, but there's no more eloquent way to describe the case that the Washington Supreme Court handed down yesterday. The Justices blasted a Grant County prosecutor for stoking racist stereotypes about undocumented immigrants during the trial of Joseph Zamora, a Moses Lake man who cops beat into a coma after a neighbor called the police on him. The neighbor spotted him walking through his niece's yard and assumed he was a car prowler. Here's how Chief Justice Steven Gonzalez described the case:

"The jury was asked to decide, among other things, whether Joseph Zamora, a United States citizen, assaulted a police officer’s knuckles with the back of his head."

WA leaders respond to SCOTUS dismantling administrative state: Governor and National Climate Guy Jay Inslee rebuked the Supreme Court at a press conference yesterday, saying the Court took a "wrecking ball" to the federal government's ability to keep our air clean. Senator Patty Murray and Democratic state legislators were also Very Mad that the Court gutted the EPA. 

Shocking no one, the Crypt Keeper doesn't care about climate change:

"Hand over control of a critical supply chain to China to own the libs" was not a position I'd projected the Senate GOP to take. Now let's see if the Dems can weaponize this without sliding backwards into xenophobia.

Why are the conservatives the only ones who get to enjoy a good troll?

More mob boss behavior from the former president: Trump's PAC has apparently been paying for witnesses' attorneys during the January 6 hearings. Critics say this raises concerns that he may be trying to influence what those witnesses say. Those critics are right.

Make way for whales! For all the tourists who read the Slog, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife would like you to stay at least a half nautical mile away from our resident orca pod this summer. Your loud boat engines make it hard for them to feed, and they have enough problems without you scaring away all their food. 

Now that's allyship, fellow dudes: Doctors are seeing a surge in requests for vasectomies following the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe, according to a new report from the Washington Post. I'm right behind you, fellas. For anyone else looking to follow suit in Washington, getting snipped is free if you have insurance.

Your daily reminder that the Supreme Court is not all-powerful: The only problem is that we'd need a functioning Congress to rein them in.

I can't resist a Florida Man headline: In a weird historical accident proving the power of a good slogan, Floridians enacted one of the country's most stringent transparency laws, because everyone there is obsessed with anything branded as "Sunshine." Thus, the Florida Man trend was born, as news outlets can get a much greater amount of detail on pending criminal matters than they can in other states. The latest iteration of this hilarious accidental transparency comes from Disney, where a Florida Man stole a $10,000 R2-D2 droid in an apparent attempt to make himself an attractive candidate for Mickey Mouse's security force by pointing out weaknesses in the resort's security system. He was not successful.

Jas complimented me the last time I linked some of my favorite lofi hiphop beats in AM, so here's another shameless attempt to earn their approval. May it also serve as a balm for your anxiety: