Bye, bye, Boris: British Prime Minister and Adult Male Blonde Boris Johnson resigned after one too many scandals. The scandal that finally did him in was appointing a politician who had been accused of sexual misconduct. Of course, this is little league compared to America, where we actually seem to like having accused rapists as presidents.

The appointment triggered about 50 cabinet secretaries, ministers, and lower-level officials to resign. Johnson finally called it quits this morning in a sorta iconic way. He shrugged and said “them’s the breaks.” While he resigned as the party leader effective immediately, Johnson will wait to officially stop working as the prime minister until the party picks a replacement. 

Hate to see him go, but love to watch him walk away: Joking. Seems like a good thing that government officials stood up to him and now he’s leaving. 

We do not take this shit seriously enough: The state said it would start a new agency to investigate police use of deadly force this month. But Roger Rogoff, appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee to head up the new agency, told us not to hold our breath. It’ll be months before the agency gets off the ground. After the extremely upsetting Charleena Lyles inquest found that the police were justified in shooting a pregnant mother of four for holding a paring knife during a mental health crisis, it seems we need all the resources we can get to at the very least investigate accusations of crimes cops commit against the people they are ostensibly supposed to protect. 

Omicron, fully loaded: The most contagious variant yet, the Omicron BA.5 subvariant, overtook others as the dominant strain of COVID-19. According to the New York Times, it's fueling another surge. 

Remember, you shouldn’t work with the plague: Many of us with the luxury of working from home would probably just clock in from our couch and do a full day in pajamas when we catch COVID-19, but doctors REALLY don’t want you to work while your body is fighting the virus. You need your rest. So, if you get COVID-19, you should probably just take it easy, even if you feel like you can power through. 

Doomsday: Basically, if there’s an earthquake on the Seattle Fault, we’re screwed. The Washington Geological Survey division of the Department of Natural Resources found that an earthquake would trigger a tsunami that would hit us in minutes, and flooding could exceed 20 feet along shorelines in the greater Seattle area.

Make this city a fucking time-capsule already: Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Board voted to approve nominating the the pink elephant car wash sign as a protected landmark. 

On to the weather: Today will be mostly cloudy. Expect mid 60s in the morning that will warm up to low 70s this afternoon. 

The ferries: As of yesterday, most ferry routes will operate on reduced schedules because the boats can’t keep enough staff to run the damn things. Hiring bonuses for ferry workers! NOW! 

ICYMI: Matt caught up with Port Commissioner Toshiko Hasegawa six months after she got elected. We endorsed her, so you might have voted for her. See if she’s living up to your expectations. 

Highland park shooting: NPR claimed that the violent mass shooting this 4th of July didn’t stem from any ideology, he was just like some Reddit Nihilist. The Seattle Times’s Sydney Brownstone called out the bullshit.  

She strikes again: Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made the wild claim that the 4th of July shooting was some sort of manufactured tragedy to pass gun control. I cannot believe this woman shares a planet with us.