Railroad unions decline to strike: For a moment, it looked like railroad companies would push their workers to a strike, unwilling to meet the union’s demands in contract negotiations. But last night, President Joe Biden announced that after 20 hours of negotiating on Wednesday, the two parties reached a tentative agreement, and the union will not strike tomorrow. Here’s what the president had to say:

'These rail workers will get better pay, improved working conditions, and peace of mind around their health care costs: all hard-earned,' Biden said. 'The agreement is also a victory for railway companies who will be able to retain and recruit more workers for an industry that will continue to be part of the backbone of the American economy for decades to come.'

The contract, which retroactively starts in 2020, will raise wages 24% and allow workers to take unpaid time off for doctors visits without penalty, which seems like a wildly small ask. Good for them!

More teachers find a compromise: The teacher’s union in Eatonville, WA reached a tentative agreement, ending their weeklong strike, according to KOMO

Teacher's deal: Here in Seattle, the district released more information about the tentative agreement it reached with the union earlier this week. The main holdout for teachers on the picket line seemed to be securing raises and combating a concerning proposal to combine special education classes that could have overwhelmed teachers. According to an email from the district, the new contract promises union members a 7% raise the first year, then a 4% raise in 2023-24 and a 3% raise in 2024-25. Instead of combining three special education programs, the new contract combines two. Both sides also commit to joining another task force to figure out how best to transition to more inclusive models in special education.

Forecast: Seattleites, it’s sweater weather. Don’t you all rush out to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte all at once—I don’t want to wait in a line—but today will be mostly cloudy. Sure, we’ll nearly crack 70 degrees later in the afternoon, but it's still 🍂✨AUTUMN VIBES✨🍂. 

Councilmember Zahilay would like a word with you: Yesterday, the Seattle Times ran an op-ed from King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay. In the piece, he called out the unhelpful, false narratives about crime that the county’s conservatives propagate and that subsequently pop up in his inbox. He went on to explain why putting more people in jail is an “unserious” proposal that wouldn’t actually solve anything. Love to see it on the opinion pages of the Seattle Times

Tribute to Seattle ride-share driver: Today, friends and family of 48-year-old Mohamed Kediye, a ride-share driver who was shot and killed while working downtown last weekend, plan to peacefully march to City Hall, KIRO 7 reported. They will do so to honor Kediye, demand answers from police, and raise awareness for the unsafe working conditions of Seattle’s gig workers.

Renter for life: Owning a home in this uber-expensive city is an absolute pipe dream for your average worker. According to Crosscut, many Seattle residents recognized that they are doomed to give a fat chunk of their paycheck to their leech of a landlord indefinitely (my phrasing, not Josh Cohen’s haha) instead of being able to invest in homeownership, which is the biggest source of wealth for families.

Racist emails: KIRO 7 found some gross emails from Patrick Reed, who lobbies for the Secretary of State’s office, and who also works as a Sumner, WA city council member. The email contained a meme that says, "If people are in court, they’re guilty, especially if they are Black or Mexican.” Reed did not answer the reporter's request for comment, and a spokesperson for the SOS said the office doesn’t comment on ongoing issues involving its employees.

In BASED news: Pierce County residents can look forward to three new Narcan vending machines, thanks to a $200,000 initiative through the Tacoma Needle Exchange. Narcan is a life-saving medicine that can reverse opioid overdose, which, according to the Tacoma - Pierce County Health Department, is now the county’s most common cause of accidental death.

Will Inslee run again? Silver fox Gov. Jay Inslee is always on that campaign grind. After his third-term victory in 2020, the man has not slowed down, raking in about $1.5 million for a re-election that he has yet to announce. The Seattle Times has more.

Outsmarting COVID-19: It’s hard to keep up with the ever-mutating COVID-19 virus, but scientists are trying out an experimental vaccine that could help us stay a step ahead of the disease. Read more here

Which reminds me: Get your motherfucking booster! I have the pleasure of working with people in their thirties who remind me to get my booster (Will Casey LOL), so I’m scheduled for later this month. But I know the Zoomers who exclusively read The Stranger through screenshots on Instagram need a reminder. Here’s a good place to start tracking down an appointment. 

Queen stans go hard: There are few things in this world I would wait 30 hours for. This is not one of them.

But for the monarchists in the back: If you're interested, you can watch a bunch of British people carrying her coffin and driving it from place to place at this link

For your listening pleasure: Maude Latour’s new release.