Good morning, Seattle: Pro-gloom and doom Twitter account, the Seattle Weather Blog, tweeted last night that the next few days will be extreme-weather-free. Today, it seems the blog’s got it right. According to, Seattle will start the morning off in the low 40s. It won’t get much warmer than that—this evening temperatures will peak in the mid-40s. Expect some rain throughout. 

South Park underwater: After a king tide on Tuesday caused the Duwamish River to overflow, the excess water has flooded homes and businesses in Seattle's South Park neighborhood. The Duwamish River Community Coalition told KING 5 that 10 families have been displaced by the disaster. The City’s on the case, working on infrastructure to mitigate the flood, but City officials said they cannot solve this alone. Seattle Public Utilities said we’ll need a federal project to prevent the Duwamish River from flooding in the future. 

LIHI responds: Yesterday, the mutual aid group known as Stop the Sweeps sounded the alarm that the Low Income Housing Institute would no longer collect mail for residents at its many tiny shelter villages around town. Stop the Sweeps organizers raised concerns about how residents would receive important documents that could help them transition to permanent housing such as IDs. 

LIHI doesn’t seem to see the issue, especially since the “tiny homes” are considered “short-term emergency shelter,” and people only stay there for about six months, according to a statement from LIHI. In an email to The Stranger, an LIHI spokesperson said that the villages have never held a formal policy to accept mail directly to villages, but “over time this started to become an informal practice at a few sites.” Now, after numerous instances of stolen packages and misplaced mail, LIHI decided to shut it down for good. 

The spokesperson said that “most homeless individuals in Seattle know to sign up and receive mail at Compass Housing Alliance and other locations.” I could not verify this information this morning. The spokesperson also said LIHI residents can also send “housing, income and benefits related mail,” to the LIHI PO box. Of course, for people relying on receiving mail at their village, the change still presents the burden of changing their mailing address and potentially traveling to check for letters and packages. I asked Stop the Sweeps for comment. I’ll update y’all on Twitter or Slog PM Friday.

2023 concert lineup: Next year, some big names are coming to Seattle—Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, and more! Check out the Seattle Times for a more comprehensive list! 

New year, new laws! I originally put this blurb above the 2023 concert lineup in the Slog because I’m a loser-nerd-virgin with no friends, but then I decided to lead with the fun stuff instead. ANYWAY! A bunch of new state laws go into effect in 2023 and they are also fun! The state minimum wage will increase by $1.25, rideshare workers will start to get paid a minimum for each drive, and employers will have to list a position’s salary in job descriptions. WOOHOO. 

Zooming in on Marysville: Marysville just enacted a new law to crack down on public drug use. According to KOMO, the new law will prohibit public use of controlled substances without a prescription and could land you a misdemeanor. So exciting to see a jurisdiction try to deter unwanted behaviors by making it a “misdemeanor” rather than actually getting people to help solve the problem! 

The results are in: Y’all really like these Kraken dudes. 

The game last night: The Kraken played the Calgary Flames last night at the Climate Pledge ($17 Palomas btw). As someone who knows only the basics of hockey, I thought our boys in blue did a good job! They definitely had control of the puck more often and worked well together as a team. (They’d pass to players I didn’t even know were there. Incredible!) Unfortunately, the Flames pulled ahead in the last period, winning the game 3-2. Boo!

He’s off the hook: Last April, Seagan CEO Clay Siegal got arrested for allegedly assaulting his now-former wife. He stepped down from his biotech company, but news broke yesterday that he will not face charges because of “evidentiary reasons.” Seattle Times has more details.  

This made me sick to my stomach: The bad weather ruined holiday travel plans for many, but for one Alaskan, the delays cost him a life-saving, new heart

The boys are back in town: Speaking of airline delays, the Rainier Beach High School Boys Basketball team finally figured out a way back home after several canceled Southwest Airlines flights left the team and several parents stranded in Las Vegas. Here’s how they got home

Russia’s war: Hours ago, BBC reported that Russia target Ukrainian cities with 69 missiles, making for one of the largest bombardments of the entire war. According to Ukraine officials, the country’s military intercepted 54 of the 69 missiles. 

Casino fire: 19 people died in a fire that broke out in a Cambodian hotel casino on Wednesday. Authorities said they do not know what caused the fire yet. Here’s the details

For the girls: