The Low Income Housing Institute said that it never made collecting mail an official policy for all villages. CROUTON



'I’ll update y’all on Twitter or Slog PM Friday.'

Musky's twitter?
that Fascist?
gotta Be
on to Q-




I've never tweeted and don't have an account, but also don't begrudge those who use it, especially as there's no other comparable platforms with anywhere near the reach that currently exist as a viable alternative. How much money do you think her entire history on the site has generated for Musk? Unless she paid for one of those authenticity checkmarks, I'd guess it's probably something like a tiny fraction of a penny, and likely less. I get that there's much to be said for doing or not doing something on the basis of principle (and I do/don't do plenty of ridiculous shit for those very reasons) but even that has it's logical limits.


speaking of Fascism
(& dewey, project-
ing As Per Usual):

Hard-Line Government
Takes Office, Testing Bonds with Allies

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition is likely to test ties with the U.S. and Europe, amid fears that is will weaken Israel’s democracy.

if Musky's Onboard
you Know they're
Nazis. scuze me:

I'll see if I can Make
the word Disappear
wish me Luck.



I'd not claim to have some comprehensive understanding of how the revenues of a $41 billion company work, but I understand the basics and what you're saying. I also just checked and Hannah's got 600 followers. Granted, those followers are in a desirable demographic, but I stand by my assertion that she's generated no more than a fraction of a penny for Twitter. As to your last point, I agree that giving any validity to Musk is unfortunate and should be avoided if/when possible. But then I also shouldn't eat meat, drive as much as I do, or a thousand other things that violate my personally held moral standards, but do so out of laziness and convenience.


Marysville also doesn't allow cannabis stores and homeless encampments


@11 "We don't care what Mar'ville don't allow, gonna smoke and camp out anyhow" ... sorry.


14 and other right wing sad examples of humanity such as Sir Toby that has no answers for how to make a better place for others etc. other than be snarky to people who give a damn.

They love the status quo so much that I have to quote lines from A Christmas Carol that Mr. Dickens so eloquently served up:

Scrooge when asked to help the underprivileged: “Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses? The person who is asking for the aid: “They say that they would rather die than go there.” Scrooge: “Well let them die then because it would help eliminate the surplus population.”

Of course, if you know the story, he did a 180’ after the visitation of three spirits.

Wonder if that would help Suggs and company to ever change their nasty ways?


@1 and @6 kristofarian, @10 PrincessAngeline#2, @13 CKathes, and @16 Ivy R. Nightscales for the group WIN!!
I have nothing more to add. You all summed everything beautifully. Thanks for beating me to it and kudos. :)


@8 someone is old and out of touch. She’s currently one of the world’s biggest music stars. Hopefully the money, beauty, fame, and countless adoring fans balance out the pain of being not liked by cranky old out of touch conservatives in a blog comment section.


what was it Musky said
'bout doctor Fauci who kept
us out of what could've been much
Worse? oh that's right & he Dissed LGBTQs
too: 'MY Pronouns are Prosecute Dr Fauci' his
Overt Signal to the Nazis that ol' Musky'd Never
take too Kindly to the LGBTQ Community at Large

but yeah his Twitter's
on Your Side. right.
he's on the Side
of Genocide.*

*just like ol' Zucky

be Vastly faster
cheaper and likely
Longer Lasting too

in fact the play's a thinly-veiled
metaphor for a Fine acid trip


I guess I do have one comment to add, after all: condolences to the surviving family and loved ones of the ill-fated Alaskan who, because of flight delays, missed out on what would have been a lifesaving heart transplant. That is really sad. That's like dying in the ICU during a shift change.

@19: Okay, Ebaneezer.


In this video 30 year old German born pop star Kim Petras reminds me of actress Robin Wright's Jenny Curran from Forrest Gump (1994), in the New Year's Eve L.A. balcony scene, with a track of the film's source music, "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the background. Jenny, high on cocaine, attempts to jump over the railing, possibly to make her earlier wish as a young girl, to be transformed into a bird so she could fly far away, finally come true.
Yikes, though, about the filming from a high balcony over city traffic below! Not fun viewing for acrophobes like Griz.


omg these Nazi references are Everywhere:

from nyt's:
Musk Lifted Bans
for Thousands on Twitter.
Here’s What They’re Tweeting.

Many reinstated users are tweeting about topics that got them barred in the first place: Covid-19 skepticism, election denialism and QAnon.

nyt readers' pick top-rated comment:

"The fact he’s [Musky's] censoring publicly available verifiable indisputable information claiming it could be harmful, while allowing back on completely debunked thinly veiled blood libel that has historically and continues to lead to overt acts of violence against the targeted group says all you need to know about Herr Musk."
--Brian; Sacramento, Dec 22

Herr Musk.
I Like that.
it's like 'Hair Furor'*
only slightly less-pointed.

*the One and Only
our Twice!-disgraced tfg djt
with a Bouffant even Mussolini'd hate
but which might look Magnificient on a Pike


Please, will someone wake me when the Orange Turd is finally handcuffed and cornholed raw in federal prison for life--preferably in the general population? I'd love to see the Orange Turd and Herr Musk chained together in a doggy-style position, while the inmates chant, "Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish!" like in The Shawshank Redemption. And oh please, oh please, oh, PLEASE--let the video go viral! The world would cheer. We would finally be free at last.

@23 SwampThing: It's not among my favorite tracks, either. The visual content disturbs me most, but I'm uncomfortable with heights. What amazes me is that stuff like this sells platinum CDs. I'm a composer and musician. Instrumental work and orchestrations are my specialty and a passionate lifetime professional pursuit. Concert hall administrators want Beethoven or Mozart--no matter how often orchestra members beg for new music.

@24 kristofarian: Wow. That is unsettling. When will this criminal madness end---when the world is annihilated by a nuclear strike?


There's no way to keep the Duwamish River from flooding. The best they can do is rehouse the people closest to the water and build levees.


LIHI accepts mail?

That's a relationship between each postal customer and the USPS. Interfering with it is a federal offense. Just hang your own mailbox at the street entrance to the tiny house village. If LIHI takes it down, they get charged. Good riddance.

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