They're really going to make us vote for Joe Biden again: On Tuesday, President Biden announced his run for reelection. His campaign slogan is: "Let's finish the job." At 80, Biden is the oldest U.S. president, Politico says. His two likely GOP challengers are 76-year-old former president Donald Trump and 44-year-old Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Aside from his age, Biden's campaign is also hindered by an approval rating in the low 40s. But, as he's said in the past, compare him “to the alternative—not the Almighty.” 

The first 10 seconds of Biden's reelection video are pretty sick. Wait for him to drop that first "Freedom."

Speaking of elections, ballots are due today! You have until 8 pm to vote APPROVED on King County Proposition 1 and then drop your ballot in a dropbox near you. The measure would levy a property tax to fund mental and behavioral health infrastructure that we need, including five 24/7, walk-in crisis centers. If you want to make sure your vote counts today, then King County Elections recommends using the dropboxes—not the mail. 

We did a little video about it: 

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Googles: "Is the pandemic over?" Washington State will end its COVID-19 exposure notification app on May 11, which is when the Biden Administration is set to allow the national COVID-19 public health emergency to end. To date, about 1.1 million people died from the virus, according to the CDC COVID-19 tracker. By the way, Google did say no, the pandemic is not over. 

ICYMI: The Washington State Legislature failed to pass a new simple drug possession law Sunday after Republicans withdrew support and progressives stood strong against the idea of criminalizing a health condition. Without the new law, drug possession will become decriminalized at the state level July 1. Gov. Jay Inslee is willing to call a special session to pass a new compromise bill, but he wants to know lawmakers have a deal. Lawmakers are still trying to figure out what a deal might looks like. Meanwhile, cities are preparing to pass their own drug possession laws, which may result in a patchwork of policies across the state. More on this from me, Rich, and Hannah later today. 

The new Seattle waterfront highway is almost finished. Where the Alaskan Viaduct once loomed a new, lower road will connect Belltown with the waterfront within the next two weeks, according to KING 5. The waterfront portion of the road will have the honorary name of Dzidzilalich (pronounced dzee-dzuh-lah-leech), which is a Lushootseed word that translates to "little crossing-over place."

Get excited for the sun, but don't get too excited: 

Prosecutors charge man with murder of woman who went missing after a Mariners game: Brett Michael Glitchel, 46, plead not guilty Monday, according to KIRO 7. Prosecutors believe Glitchel killed 58-year-old Leticia "Leti" Martinez-Cosman. Police found Martinez-Cosman's body in Renton about a week ago. She was last seen alive with Glitchel at a Mariners game on March 31.

Free Binda's nipple! Some right-wingers want to recall Lynnwood City Council Member Josh Binda. The campaigners say Binda violated campaign finance law, filmed a promotional video in City Hall, and posted a shirtless photo on Instagram. The horror. Hannah Krieg has more on this attempt to oust one of the youngest people of color ever elected to a city council in Washington state history.

Speaking of crazy right-wingers: Montana State House GOP leadership is refusing the recognize one of two transgender lawmakers, Montana State Rep. Zooey Zephyr. The protestors shut down House business Monday as they called for Republican leaders to recognize her, according to the Montana Free Press. The Montana House Speaker refused to recognize Zephyr after she suggested Republican lawmakers would have blood on their hands for supporting a bill to ban specific medical treatments for transgender minors. More than 100 protestors showed up to support Zephyr. Police arrested seven people.

The College Board promises to improve African-American studies course: Critics say political pressure caused the board to remove topics such as Black Lives Matter, slavery reparations, and queer life, according to the Associated Press. Activists and African American scholars say the board removed the topics due to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s remarks that he planned to ban the course in his state. The board is still working on what changes they will make the curriculum. 

Harry Belafonte dies at the age 96: An immensely popular pop star, Black civil rights campaigner, and sexiest name haver, Belafonte died of congestive heart failure at his Manhattan home, according to the BBC. Good luck getting this unstuck from your head today.