Donald Trump says he's under investigation for Jan 6: In a post to Truth Social, Trump shared the "HORRIFYNG NEWS" of the Justice Department sending him a target letter that said prosecutors were investigating him for his role in attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, according to the Washington Post. The Post explained that a target letter usually means investigators have substantial evidence linking someone to a crime, but it doesn't always result in prosecutors bringing charges against the person. Trump seemed very unhappy about the letter.

Expect a city council shake-up: With a primary election two weeks away, the the Seattle Times today wrote an explainer about the battle between Seattle's moderates and progressives. With Council Member Teresa Mosqueda running for King County Council, up to eight new people could join the Council this year. The Seattle Area Chamber of Commerce wants to see "progressive pragmatism," code for corporatism. Progressives hope a dedication to housing issues keep them in the conversation. I just want someone who gossips, but Rich says I'm not allowed to base my SECB picks on that.

Inslee endorses Nick Brown for Attorney General: On Monday, Governor Jay Inslee endorsed former US Attorney Nick Brown in the race to be Washington's next attorney general, according to KIRO 7. Inslee's announcement comes just days after Brown formally launched his run to be the state's top prosecutor. He and I chatted about his run last week. Brown's only opponent so far is state Sen. Manka Dhingra (D-Redmond). Current AG Bob Ferguson left the race without and incumbent when he mounted a campaign for Governor.

Today's temperature high is 76 degrees with a 2% chance of precipitation. We're in for a dry couple of weeks everyone. 

Washington students math scores drop: Average math scores fell by record amounts for Washington students this past school year, according to KOMO. The drop equates to a loss of about five months of learning for Washington students. The solution? More funding for education. 

Sweep expected for White Center encampment: The Washington State Department of Transportation plans to sweep a group of people living near Myers Way and State Route 509, according to KING 5. WSDOT posted signs about the plan on Monday. The president of a nearby resident association in the area told KING 5 she was relieved the people living in the encampment would be "connected to services." I'm sure everyone in the encampment, who KING 5 did not talk to, appreciates her condescending benevolence. 

Mariners win against the Twins: The Mariners continue to give me hope after they beat the Twins Monday night, according to the Seattle Times. Once again the Ms managed to claw their way back to a winning record. We're just past halfway through the season and we're ranked third in the league. I have hope. 

Back to the weather: Temperatures reached 152 degrees in the Middle East, temperature levels "thought to be the most intense the human body can withstand," according to the Washington Post. Also, sweating can't cool us down past 95 degrees? I truly can't fathom how badly we messed up the environment. *Blasts AC*

US solider presumed detained in North Korea: An American solider made an unauthorized crossing from South Korea to North Korea Tuesday, according to Politico. US officials didn't explain why the solider crossed. 

Fuzzy rabbits overtake Florida suburb: Lionhead rabbits established a colony in Fort Lauderdale. The name comes from the "flowing mane" around the little hoppers' heads, according to the Associated Press. One woman wants to capture the rabbits to give them a chance to survive, as they're not bred to live in a cul-de-sac. 

One of my number one columns is The Number Ones by Stereogum's Tom Breihan. Yesterday he reminded me about this "clumsy and goofy" bop from 2010. At one point he says "Like a G6" is a track about getting drunk, "and the track itself sounds like it’s falling-down drunk." Spend your Tuesday getting slizzard.