Cyclists sue over missing link: Ten bike riders who have crashed traversing the Burke-Gilman Trail's "missing link," where the trail suddenly disappears in Ballard, are suing the City. The missing link throws cyclists into a trafficky Ballard corridor that includes a sharp turn right across train tracks. The individuals suing the City seek monetary damages, but they are also demanding Seattle fix the trail and make it safer. This incomplete trail has been a thorn in cyclists' sides for 30 years. Seattle will supposedly "realign the bike lane and improve the pavement" by Dec 31. 

"Active, at-large and exceptionally large:"Authorities in South Lake Tahoe captured the culprit behind at least 21 home break-ins and property damage dating back to early 2022. The suspect is a 400-pound black bear nicknamed "Hank the Tank." Hank is a lady bear who realized she could score a buttload of calories by breaking into people's cabins. That's called adaptation, and now Hank, who brought her cubs along on her most recent heist, is being punished for it. She's being sent to bear jail, aka the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Springfield, Colorado. Her cubs will be sent to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.

A wet start to your week: There's some drizzle out there this morning. The rain won't last long on Monday, but more rain could fall later this week.

We need all the wet we can get: The Sourdough Fire, which started in July after a lightning strike, is still burning up Whatcom County. As of Sunday, the fire was 0% contained. However, rain may improve conditions. For now, State Route 20 North Cascades Highway is still closed due to the fire. 

More light rail delays: The light rail tracks north of Stadium Station are "settling" and are thus more susceptible to flooding. Does settling mean sinking? Regardless, Sound Transit needs to fix that. So, light rail riders are in for more headaches from Aug 12 to 20. Here's what Phase 1 of the operation will have in store for you: 

More SPD drama: A judge found enough evidence for a trial in a case against SPD where the cops allegedly stopped a Black man due to bias and illegally searched his trunk. This case centers around Anthony Sims, a delivery driver who police stopped in 2020 because they mixed up his license plate with the license plate of a stolen car. Eight police officers with guns drawn surrounded Sims's car at the stop. Then, after determining the plates weren't the stolen car's plates, they still searched Sims's trunk.

Sims's case has big implications for SPD, since the department (and everyone else) wants to shuffle off the US Justice Department's decade-long oversight regime. Sims's case could contradict SPD's claims that it has no issues of bias or excessive use of force. 

Pike Place protest: Starbucks workers and allies are gathering at Pike Place Market on Monday for a protest against the local coffee seller's pervasive union busting. The protest will start at Pike Place with marching and dancing (yes, there will be a DJ, duh) before moving on to other Starbucks stores. 

First postpartum depression pill in US: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light to a pill called Zurzuvae, the first-ever oral medication for women suffering from postpartum depression (PPD). Previously, the only treatment available for PPD suffers was via injection. One in seven women reportedly experiences PPD symptoms. That's a lot of people! And this is the first-ever pill to treat PPD? It's crazy how female pain doesn't get taken seriously. 

Speaking of ignoring female pain: Have you listened to the new podcast series out of Serial Productions and the New York Times? "The Retrievals" tells the story of women seeking fertility treatment at a Yale facility. I won't spoil anything, but some fucked up shit happens at the facility and no one listens to their complaints or concerns.

Glacial lake bursts out of basin in Juneau: The Mendenhall Lake, fed by the Mendenhall glacier, is higher than it's ever been this year. It crested at 14.9 feet on Saturday. The previous record was 11.9 feet in 2016. Water broke through a side basin near Juneau and has destroyed several structures so far, including two homes. 

Yellow in the red: The 99-year-old trucking firm, Yellow, filed for bankruptcy, the company announced Sunday. Three years ago in the height of a pandemic summer, Donald Trump granted Yellow a $700 million loan as part of the $2.2 trillion pandemic-relief legislation. Yellow blamed the Teamsters union for causing "irreparable harm" and pausing operations during Yellow's "restructuring plan." The union said Yellow "has historically proven that it could not manage itself despite billions of dollars in worker concessions and hundreds of millions in bailout funding from the federal government.” 

Barbie breaks $1 billion: In the three short weeks since its premiere, Barbie raked in $1 billion in global ticket sales. That makes Greta Gerwig the first solo woman director with a billion-dollar film. The highest-grossing solo woman director was Patty Jenkins, whose Wonder Woman earned  $821.8 million globally. Barbie now joins an exclusive list of just 53 movies that have made over $1 billion. 

Beyonce pays for the trains: Bad weather delayed the start of Beyonce's Renaissance World tour concert in Washington D.C. To make sure her fans weren't stranded after metro operating hours, Beyonce paid $100,000 to keep the trains running an extra hour.

The USWNT is out of the World Cup: For the first time in the history of the event, the US Women's National Team is out of the World Cup before the semi-finals. Their final game against Sweden was a real fight. The team looked better than they had all tournament, but they couldn't score. After ending regulation time and then extra time at 0-0, the teams went to penalty kicks. The USWNT lost in the shootout. While it's sad to see a powerhouse falter, it's really cool to see how competitive the rest of the teams in the World Cup are now. I'm excited to keep watching.

Here's Megan Rapinoe's reaction to the loss: Rapinoe missed her penalty and will retire after this tournament: