I know a way to ease congestion at Amazon Parking Garages during construction.


There, solved it for you.


negotiate with
BIG farma in only
Two Years? Yipee!

"Pharmaceutical companies and
the US Chamber of Commerce
have already filed various law-
suits against the potential
federal price caps."

they already fucking
OWN 'our' fromerly-Supreme
Ct. so BIG farma's gonna Rape the Citizeny

and the Corporatization of
Amerikkka inc. llc, bitches
continues apace. boot-
Straps, bitches!


Don LaFelon et al
gonna go acourtin’!


if I know the trumpfster
he'll pull a fake heart or panic
attack - Anything to skip out on Justice

& Stay
the Fuck
outta Jail.


if only he can Hang On
till November 6th when the
Early Returns show him Ahead

he'll declare
Victory & call
forth his Militias
not to Mention all
his psychopants with-
in the Po-po & Military

our FINAL Election?
stay tuned.


Can yall get on Mastodon and quit linking to Twitter? Be a leader, friends.


@2: none of the 4 crimes mentioned in the article seem like a trend, but there is a noticeable increased presence of unhoused neighbors in LC lately. they've moved back in to the "park" at 125th & lake city way. doesn't seem much worse than, say, the U district, or along i-5.

the stolen kia weed store break in could have happened anywhere in seattle.
the murder was probably drug related, as most are now.
the "child luring" is going to be one guy.

sure, let's not downplay crime, but let's not overplay crime either. that's what local news lives to do.


“Alabama wants to try a new execution method”

I misread that as “Atlanta,” and immediately hoped Trump, Rudy, et al would be eligible if convicted. Now I have a sad. :-(

@6: “Acknowledging that crime is even a thing that exists is such anathema to progressives…”


(Continues droning 24/7 from loudspeakers on every street corner outside the Stranger’s office.)


@11 You're like some kind of permanent straight-man, "just asking questions!"

"If you think news reports about crime are overplaying it, then white collar crimes including Trump's crimes are being overplayed as well, right?"

It would seem so, Socrates.


All those jokers want to move their cases to federal court because should they be convicted there, the Master, when he becomes king again, will pardon their asses. As I understand it, a president cannot pardon a state conviction. Those indicted seem to be pretty worried about their future. They must think they’ll be doing some time in the pokey. Otherwise, why would they care what the venue is?

So, Buford T. (“Stonewall”) Wallace thinks nitrogen asphyxiation is a good enough substitute for putting a prisoner under and stopping his or her heart with K(OH)? Oh, how charmin’. Shit, why don’t they just give the offender a Tylenol and make him or her snort a couple of lines of Drano? Idiocracy 2.0.

@1 Will – I agree totally with your solution, but the problem is trying to get someone who just bought an $85K Audi to step on public transit for their daily commute.

I find it so irritating when Big Pharma gets so agitated at the thought of price negotiation. Almost every Western country negotiates price for drugs. But here? The industry is so entrenched in Washington that the attitude is, “How dare you?” Or, “This is illegal.” We know all the arguments against their line that holds drugs cost so much because of years of R&D and the very expensive approval process. What the real story is (and we all know this, too) drugs are expensive so that makers can pay astronomical CEO and board salaries. Also, each and every executive VP having his/her own private company jet? Why…that costs a few dollars, too. Can I have a bit more caviar on this duck omelet, Katie? And, when do we land at the fishing lodge? This while insulin retails for $800 a month.


@13: it’s a toss-up to whether citizens of Seattle are more sick of the crime rate, or of local “independent” media telling them to just shut up about it.

“Pay no attention to high crimes and misdemeanors!”

Trump and his malodorous gang of fellow morons are pretty much getting indicted on new charges somewhere every day, there’s a robust public debate over whether he could be barred from federal office if convicted, the TV won’t stop talking about all of this, and you think it’s all being ignored? Really?

@15: Just please put down the bong already, ok?


@16 Removing a state case to federal court doesn't federalize the charges. What Trump and his cronies are trying to achieve via removal are: (a) further delay of the proceedings; (b) a possibly more sympathetic judge; and (c) a presumably more Trump-friendly juror pool. But a presidential pardon is still not possible.

That Marcia Fudge interview is infuriating. "The federal government can't solve [homelessness] alone. We don't have the money." YES IT CAN and YES WE DO. (Of course the ST regards it as a "particularly sensitive story" that doesn't allow comments, so I'm leaving that one here.)


@18 - That's reassuring info, CK. Thanks. Is it air-tight? Could not an argument be made ex post facto by one of the convicted that the conviction was in a federal court and therefore a federal offense?


@16, @18: The basis of the case holds that Trump and his fellow morons were trying, however incompetently, to overturn the result of an election for a federal office. Therefore, there may be an legal argument for moving their cases to federal court.

@19, @20, @22: When I read a comment which starts with, “Republicans oppress people and use the government and intelligence agencies to foment crime and sell you opioids…”, then I am well within my rights to ask exactly which psychoactive drug(s) the commenter was (ab)using at the time.


the straight-man
with clarity and reason... "

you've given
Yourself a

well Done.


"But as long as we ignore
the insider trading and wheeling
and dealing of the highest levels of
organized crime and conspiracy, then

you can be tough on crime by deciding
to oppress the most visible and vulnerable
people who have lost their foothold on society."

yep. and it's actually
Easier than it looks!

"That's the easy way out. The hard way
involves putting an end to the suffer-
ing and causes of what leads
to these ill effects."

small Wonder tentsey
DEMANDS that you
'put the Bong

it's totes Fucking
with his Law and
Order Narrative.*

yet another Great
comment Garbby
as per Usually.

*SOME of the
not MY bud-


@26: Ignoring the FDA (and getting their asses sued for it in court) is not “(using) … the government and intelligence agencies” to “foment crime” or sell anything. (Did YOU read anything you wrote?) The drugs currently for sale in Seattle’s many open-air drug markets are fentanyl, meth’, and that old reliable, horse.

Now I’m worried less about the drugs you’re taking, and more about the voices in your head.


concern trollling
or otherwise

a Bad
Klown ALL-
ways punches
Down. tiz Easier!


TS and left-wing progs ignoring the crime epidemic is just going to lead to conservatives being elected. Then TS will whine about it, we'll all lose because of it, and it's their own fault for ignoring reality in favor of political ideology.

Stop asking people to use public transit and then not do anything about public safety, crime, drugs and filth that one has to deal with in using it. And that's on top of the complete infrastructure mess that KC and Seattle has made - you have to devote a good portion of your life to being a transit expert in order to use it.

Fentanyl seems to work pretty well as a death drug, how about they use that for lethal injections? It's cheap and plentiful.


@26: COINTELPRO was shut down over fifty years ago, and had nothing to do with selling drugs for profit. (Part of it saw Robert F. Kennedy — a Democrat, in case your dose(s) have yet to wear off — authorizing wiretaps against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Those nice people in the white coats might have to start restricting your internet access if you keep banging on like this.


The Gerald Ford solution is what got us here in the first place


@35: Bingo! It was Ford’s pardon of Nixon that bought us all the rest of Republican criminality, from Iran-Contra to Gulf War III: Dubya’s Boogaloo. Without a serious threat of hard time for high crime, we got lots more of it. Turns out deterring crime is pretty much the same at all levels.

@34: “…Trump to accept a plea deal to never run for office…”

What’s that world like — you know, the one where an ex-Prez named Trump would ever ever ever ever consider admitting to wrongdoing? Is it like the world where CM Sawant’s policies built a socialist utopia in Seattle? Discuss.


@26 - The fentanyl epidemic we now have is WAY bigger than what the Sacklers did. Should they be used to test the Alabama nitrogen method? Absolutely. But, for at least the last five years or so, everyone in fucking America has been aware of the opioid problem and they have cracked way down on over-prescribing.

But for some reason that is beyond me, there are still a whole lot of people stupid enough to try oxy/heroin/fenty/whatever. It's time we started admitting that if you start using opioids now, you are very likely just a moron. You should know goddamned well its a one-way trip to 3d and Pine and then six feet under. And if you start for any other reason than using prescribed drugs, you are a full-stop moron. Back in the 70s, we all knew not to touch heroin. We'd never seen it, but we knew it would kill you. Are kids really that much stupider now?



I've no idea how large a factor it is, but am fairly certain there's a significant segment of the populace who experiment with toxic substances specifically because of the dangerous stigma associated with them. We've known cigarettes were deadly for decades, but were still christening hundreds of thousands new smokers annually for years (and those numbers are finally dropping, though vaping seems to be doing a pretty great job as a substitute.) Obviously smoking and opioids are barely even comparable, but I'll forever believe that a general affection for rebellious deviance will always be a motivating factor to make attractive whatever vice is in the public's crosshairs.


The article about light rail referenced in this article had the following comment (before comments were closed):

What I have yet to hear is a clear explanation of why Seattle needs two separate Link lines through downtown only blocks apart. It seems logical that both lines would run on the same tracks and stop at the same stations in the downtown hub. That's how a transit system ought to work.

Absolutely correct. There simply is no good reason for having two tunnels. The board doesn't want to revisit that decision, and it should. Doing so would save a huge amount of money, and be much better for riders.

There are other options as well, like having the tunnel from Ballard simply end at Westlake. This would mean all three lines from the south (coming from West Seattle, Rainier Valley and the East Side) would go towards the UW and Northgate. They would likely peel off at various places, as we really don't need that many trains heading north of the UW. The line to Ballard could then be automated, with small trains running more often. That would mean smaller stations, which again would reduce costs, and could result in the stations being closer to the surface. The initial line would be significantly cheaper, since it would end at Westlake (and not include the tunneling/stations between there and SoDo). Eventually, the line from Ballard could be extended to cover First Hill (e. g. Boren & Madison, Yesler Terrace) and eventually work its way to Mount Baker Station, providing connections to the other lines in various places. This would be much better and cheaper in the short run, which means it would open sooner. In the long run, it would result in a much better system. The only thing that is stopping us a board that doesn't want to revisit the issue.


@32, @33: I’m citing facts because you’re raving like a paranoid conspiracy theorist on acid.

Stop and look: the ONLY commenter agreeing with you here is kristofarian. That is a HUGE red flag, and I strongly suggest you heed it.


At this point of social media circus I wish the Orange Turd would just die, already, before any trials begin. Then DJT could get grabbed by its fetid lil 'shroom and cornholed for eternity in hell so much faster by its buddies, Rush Limbaugh and Doug Ericksen. Then this entire mess regarding the Orange Turd would basically--and mercifully---be over. 2024 would become just another election year.
Who would DJT's bootlickers be able to worship anymore once it's dead? The MAGAts, among ~ 75 million idiots who have no clue how to vote wisely are completely lost without der Gropenfuhrer.


Kinda says something about the Chamber of Commerce that they'd take money out of the pockets of their small business owner members (every dime spent on outrageously priced pharamceutical drugs is one that cannot be spent on their goods and services).

This, among other reasons is why we've avoided businesses that post up those Chamber of Commerce logos.


In happier news, Happy Birthday, Rebecca DeMornay!


@40 I'm reflexively sympathetic to that argument, but routing all three lines through one downtown tunnel without cascading service delays even under your best-case scenario would require a level of consistent, unflagging attention to detail (and infrastructure maintenance!) that Sound Transit simply has not shown itself to be capable of thus far. So my rational side (such as it is) says go with the 4th Avenue "shallower" station option and build a second tunnel, to be on the safe side. But yes, I'd rather gamble on no-build than the "preferred" scheme, which would be the region's single worst mistake since ... well, choose your favorite. But really, really bad.


@47: "You should take into account that Donald might actually enjoy getting cornholed."
In Hell, 24/7, for all eternity, and with no breaks or lube? Are you sure?

Raindrop dear, it's as xina says: Donald Jackass Trump, a.k.a. The Orange Turd is
"a little baby, watch [him] pout. Throwing a tantrum, held to account."
DJT lives for INFLICTING pain, not being on the receiving end of it.
Doug the Thug should get to ride the Orange Turd like a horse, complete with a riding crop.
Jailbird Donnie should be made to obediently yell out, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?" like Kevin Bacon's Faber College Omega fraternity pledge, Chip Diller in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978).


As more teens
overdose on fentanyl,
schools face a drug crisis unlike any other

"The combination of more easily available drugs – particularly highly potent drugs like fentanyl that are available via social media and through counterfeit pills – and a mental health crisis among adolescents that was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in an increase in overdose deaths among kids."
[-- Lauren Tanz, an epidemiologist who studies overdose prevention at the CDC]

Fentanyl was involved in the vast majority of all teen overdose deaths – 84% – in 2021, and the problem has been growing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fentanyl-related adolescent overdose deaths nearly tripled from 2019 to 2021. And nearly a quarter of those deaths involved counterfeit pills that weren't prescribed by a doctor.

late-stage Capitalism
has no Answer other
than Punishment for
the epidemic of Des-
pair afflicting our

wants to
the Source


yes tentsy
the ravings*
of a madman:

"But as long as we ignore
the insider trading and wheeling
and dealing of the highest levels of
organized crime and conspiracy, then

you can be tough on crime by deciding
to oppress the most visible and vulnerable
people who have lost their foothold on society."

*on Acid
no less.



"The hard way
involves putting an end
to the suffering and causes
of what leads to these ill effects."

oh the humanity.


@52: You need to quote his actual conspiracy ravings, just as I actually did write, in the comment from which you’ve carefully cherry-picked a very few of my words. From his comment @32:

“…state sponsored surveillance and subversion at the behest of the Leonard Leos of America that their pet demagogue Vivek will enact to the nth degree.”


And his belief, contradicted multiple times in this very comment thread alone, that Trump’s crimes aren’t getting enough attention. From his comment @33:

“I demand that justice be served against Trump…”

So do multiple prosecutors and grand jury indictments, guys.


@50: I have a feeling I know what movie you'll be watching tonight, raindrop dear.
Now visually substitute the Orange Turd and Vladimir Putin for Kevin Bacon's Chip Diller and Mark Metcalf's Douglas C. Neidermeyer film roles. Have fun.

@48 shoobop, and @51, @52, and @53 kristofarian: I know, I know, don't feed the trolls....
I'm still waiting for the day raindrop claims to be a deported Nigerian prince, living in exile on cash accounts in the Cayman Islands.

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