Heart eyes x 100: I love the weather. I love the weather. I LOVE THE WEATHER. Today you can expect sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 60s. It's the perfect time to wear impractical fall clothing. Sweater vests with nothing under them à la Harry Styles and plaid pencil skirts sans the thermal tights. Go out into the beautiful weather and live your Gilmore Girls fantasy. 

Maybe the City should not pay this guy: The Community Police Commission called on the Chief of Police to put Daniel Auderer on unpaid leave—he's the cop who made fun of the woman another cop killed. While the Community Police Commission is an official part of the City’s accountability system for cops, they are pretty much toothless when it comes to actually holding anyone to account. The police department didn’t even flinch at the commission's demand in a letter they sent last week. SPD's spokesperson declined to comment and pointed the Seattle Times back to the department's earlier hand-waving statement.

ICYMI: As Rich mentioned in Slog AM yesterday, more than 1,000 City workers and their supporters gathered in front of City Hall to call for higher wages earlier this week. The rally comes after a year at the bargaining table, where the City has crept up to a measly 2% cost of living adjustment from their original offer of 1%. I wrote about the event here, and if you think the Mayor is a dick now, then just wait until you read what he reportedly said about workers’ collective power. 

I, Anonymous: I don’t usually get worked up about anonymous people complaining on the internet—I would never know peace if I did, considering the crazy shit people say about me in the Slog comments. But I thought about this I, Anonymous for longer than I care to admit. So, if you haven’t read it, this woman said she's annoyed that a barista, a woman younger than her, refers to her with pet names like "sweetie" that feel demeaning. At first, I was kind of with her. I don’t like being called that stuff either, and I thought the post was funny. But then she described the barista’s pet names as an “insecure power move,” and I was IMMEDIATELY put off—to say the least. Ma'am–can I call you that? Ma'am, I am sure the barista is just doing her likely low-paying job and trying to be nice, not trying to assert dominance while she literally waits on you. I know, I’m a hater myself, but I find I am happier when I refrain from reading so much malice into innocuous situations. If it bugs you so much, maybe speak to her like the adult you claim to be. Use an “I feel” statement. Say, “I feel BLANK when you BLANK, can you please BLANK.” That might be more effective than writing an I, Anonymous, though I do love the content and the drama. 

Sound Transit, I am begging you to make good light rail stations: We don’t even HAVE a Bellevue station yet and it's already failing apart. Well, that might be a little dramatic, but there are definitely issues! The Seattle Times reported that Sound Transit realized the tiles on the passenger platform at the South Bellevue station are loose and need to be replaced before they can open. That could cost an extra $3 million. Workers will start to remove tiles as soon as next week and will replace them in January or February. That’s a tight timeline, considering Sound Transit wanted to open the extension line in March 2024. Plus, Sound Transit is on every urbanist's shit list after the major delays to the new Chinatown Station and more drama over the South Lake Union station. 

Incredible: This Animal Crossing collab is wayyyy better than capturing sharks and putting them in jail. More of this!

Elijah McClain: Lawyers laid out their opening arguments in the trial of the two Colorado police officers who held a 23-year-old Black man in a chokehold in 2019. After the cops brutalized him and a paramedic sedated him with a huge dose of ketamine, McClain had a heart attack and died three days later. Both officers pleaded not guilty to charges of negligent homicide, manslaughter, and assault. Their lawyer blamed the paramedic, who will also face trial. He argued the cops should not be held criminally liable because they allegedly followed department policies. But the disturbing body cam footage shows the cops for the pigs they are. McClain called out, “I can’t breathe” seven times and the cops kept choking him. Not to mention that one of these cops texted “ha ha” to a picture of a cop holding another cop in a chokehold at the site of McClain’s death in 2020. There is no reforming this shit. 

Temporary protection: Yesterday the Biden administration expanded the Temporary Protected Status program so that almost half a million undocumented immigrants from Venezuela can legally work in the US. Another 200,000 immigrants were offered work permits in the recent past. The move comes after intense lobbying from Democrats. More than 7.3 million people in Venezuela, one of the many countries the US loves to meddle with and destabilize, have left the country as it falls deeper and deeper into crisis. 

The Murdoch dynasty: This morning, 92-year-old creep Rupert Murdoch announced he will soon hand off his role as chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corp to his nepo baby son, Lachlan Murdoch. 

Trump on abortion: Former president and current GOP candidate Donald Trump is giving anti-abortion Republicans an existential crisis. Their whole identity is forcing birth and hating women, but the presumptive nominee is going softer on forced birth than the freaks would like. (Don't worry, he's still a woman-hater IMO) During his campaign, Trump’s taken the most moderate stances on abortion of any of the GOP candidates. As Politico wrote, Trump won’t commit to national restrictions and he even promised to play nice with Democrats on abortion if he wins the election. Don’t take him at face value. He’s the guy who stacked the Supreme Court with conservative, anti-choice justices who overturned Roe Vs Wade. And his very bare-minimum takes on abortion basically amount to yet another way to mock his opponent, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Groping? On January 6??? Former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson wrote that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani allegedly groped her on the day of the insurrection. In her new book, Hutchinson said Giuliani put his hand “under my blazer, then my skirt” backstage during Trump's infamous speech where he's accused of inciting the attack on the Capitol.  

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