Mornnning folks! Viv and I swapped days for Slog this week, which obviously we shouldn't have done because we've caused a day of darkness and a flood watch. The National Weather Service says rainfall of between two to eight inches caused a bunch of muddy conditions, already causing some small landslides in Seattle and raising the Snolqualmie River in some parts of King County. If you're driving and you see a flooded road, TURN AROUND! "Most flood deaths occur in vehicles," according to the weather service. Also, today is not a good day to walk along river banks. 

Time crowns Taylor Swift person of the year: I mean, yes. A massive stadium tour that grossed more than a billion dollars, a blockbuster movie about that stadium tour, and multiple album drops in the last two years. As Time says, "If you’re skeptical, consider it: How many conversations did you have about Taylor Swift this year?" She dominated the culture, and truly lived up to her Jesus year of 33 years old.

Boeing weapons killed at least 19 children in Gaza, according to an Amnesty International report mentioned by the Washington Post. Israel used the US-made munitions in airstrikes that killed a total of 43 civilians in Gaza, including 19 children, 14 women, and 10 men, according to the report. The Amnesty International Secretary General called for the US and other governments to stop sending weapons to Israel. Meanwhile, the US State Department complained about Israel not letting enough aid into Gaza.

The Seattle IT Department trolled me: Yesterday, I wrote about a major proposed expansion of the Seattle Police Department's vehicle surveillance and told people they could still submit comment on the proposal. Then, I found out the public comment form had crashed. The IT Department got it back up and working, but it was down for at least three hours. Still no word on if the department plans to extend the comment period, which ends Friday.

What's this about surveillance? Seattle cops want to install Automated License Plate Reader technology in all 300 of its patrol cars, resulting in a massive amount of data collection including where cars were spotted and when. SPD stores that data for 90 days, and not only do cops have access to that data, but anyone can request the database of license plate photos and numbers along with the time, date, and location of when SPD took the photo. A lot of cities purge this data quickly if the plate doesn't match a "hot list." SPD gave no real explanation for why it couldn't purge the data sooner, beyond just promises it could help them solve more crime. Studies show just .2%-1% of license plates captured by this technology are associated with a crime.

Renton City Council rejects minimum wage increase: As Hannah covered yesterday, the Renton City Council voted down a proposal to raise the city's minimum wage to $19 per hour, instead putting the question to voters in an upcoming February special election. Renton only requires businesses to pay $15.74, a far cry from neighboring cities. Read Hannah's story, one City Council member talks some shit on workers.

Bellevue police officers shot and killed a man: Witnesses said the man came into an LA Fitness with a knife, and the gym manager called police, according to KING 5. No injuries reported to officers or bystanders.

King County approves modest budget reduction, but deeper cuts could come next year without help from the state, according to the Seattle Times. General fund cuts could exceed $30 million, resulting in the shutdown of most of its 10 public health clinics. The County cut $13 million from the general fund this year. 

Abortions rose by 23% in Washington in 2022: While abortions among residents increased, the number of people from outside Washington increased by 46%, according to the Seattle Times. Glad to be of service.

Multiple dead in Texas shootings: Police arrested a 34-year-old Texas man for allegedly killing at least six people, and injuring three, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Police found two bodies at the man's home, and they're investigating how those two bodies might be connected to the Austin high school, where the shooting started.

YOU! In honor of the Time Magazine thing and Taylor's birthday next week congratulations, mom! 

Correction: Ashley swapped out Bad Blood at the last minute for ME! She's very sorry she gave the wrong album for this song and called it a "banger."