Weather: There’s a 30% chance that it's already raining. That’s not a real number, just a Mean Girls reference. I’m out of original jokes this morning. Please forgive me. Not everyday can be my day. Anyway. Today, Seattleites can expect rain, rain, rain from about 7 am today until tomorrow morning. That’s a lot of precipitation! But with temperatures holding steady in the upper 30s, don’t worry about snow.

Boycott alert: UFCW 3000 members shutdown the Macy’s at Alderwood Mall on Monday when nearly 200 union workers staged a strike over unfair labor practices. Now, workers are calling on you to stop shopping at Macy’s in solidarity until the company addresses their concerns about health, safety, retaliation against workers, etc. More than 20,000 shoppers have already pledged to keep their money out of Macy’s wallet. I did not know that Macy’s had 20,000 shoppers!

Can't even do "good guy with a gun" correctly: The Department of Justice (DOJ) released a 600-page report on the 2022 mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. The report called the police response to the shooting a "failure" due to poor coordination, inadequate training, and shitty execution of active-shooter protocol. The cops' utter incompetence caused significant delay to identifying and stopping the shooter, which allowed him enough time to kill 19 children and two teachers, and injure 17 others. 

Putting the “L” in recall: Remember last spring when a small group of loud right-wingers said they would collect signatures to recall Lynnwood City Council Member Josh Binda, a young, Black progressive, over some kinda silly rookie mistakes? Well, they failed. Hard. While the campaign said they collected 1,050 signatures, they failed to turn any into the Snohomish County Auditor. If the campaign is telling the truth, then they garnered less than half the 2,400 signatures required to get on the ballot. Binda seems happy, but the campaign promised to "return." So ominous!

Supreme Court: The conservatives on the Supreme Court could overturn the Chevron decision, a 40-year-old precedent that obligates courts to defer to federal agencies' interpretation of ambiguous law, bolstering their power to regulate industries. Conservatives on the court argue that the rule gives the executive branch, which manages the agencies, too much power, and liberals argue that not relying on these experts would make courts into policymaking bodies. For example, without Chevron, a judge would decide whether to consider a cholesterol-reducer to be a “drug” or a “dietary supplement,” said Justice Elena Kagan. Kagan would rather an industry expert at the Department of Health and Human Services decide that.

Vacancy: The Seattle City Council has to fill a seat left vacant by progressive Council Member Teresa Mosqueda. Over the weekend, business appeared to pick its darling, failed candidate Tanya Woo. Last night, the MLK Labor Council endorsed School Board Director Vivian Song, previously pegged as organized labor’s best shot. Tonight, the eight finalists will (hopefully) get grilled in a community forum, so we can see if Song is worth the hype. 

Tsk tsk: There’s about a million reasons to oppose Woo—she’s not a frequent voter, she said (and retracted) some questionable stuff about trans kids in sports, and she’s a total NIMBY. But there’s one scandal to Song’s name. As her School Board colleague pointed out in their meeting last night, Song does not live in the district she represents on the board. Her colleague accused her of breaking voters’ trust. The Stranger’s been wise to her house hopping since 2021. Not a great look and you probably should not hold an office you are not qualified to hold! But, on the bright side, she can move all around Seattle if she scores the citywide seat. HAHA. But if Song's scandal really bugs ya, maybe tell the council to appoint Mari Sugiyama or Linh Thai! This should not be a point for Woo among progressives!

Iran: Pakistan launched airstrikes into Iran early Thursday, killing at least four children and five adults, according to the AP. The strikes, allegedly targeting a separatist group known as the Baloch Liberation Army, come two days after Iran fired airstrikes into Pakistan to kill other Balcoh people in Jaish al Adl bases.

Yemen: For the fourth time in a week, the US fired missiles at the Houthis, a group that controls most of Yemen. The Houthis are trying to fuck with international trade by launching missiles at ships in the Red Sea, including a US-owned ship the group hit on Monday. According to the Houthis, they will stop once Israel stops its genocide against Gaza. 

DoorDash? More like dork ass! The overlords at food delivery app DoorDash gave Ashley a lil warning last night. In a message to customers, they announced they're adding a new fee to Seattle orders in response to the City Council passing a law to make the bosses of the gig economy exploit workers less. Just flagging this because DoorDash and other bosses will likely lobby the new, more business-friendly council to water-down or repeal the worker protections the last council fought for. Something to watch!

Oh behave, Trump lawyer! A judge "bench-slapped" former President Donald Trump 14 times yesterday in the first day of testimony in E. Jean Carroll's second defamation lawsuit against him. 

Can a gay girl get an amen? I have not seen the new Mean Girls movie, despite previously referencing the OG version. I don’t think I will see it until I can get it for free because I heard it sucks! But I do like this song.