"Derogatory, contemptuous, and inhumane": Those are the words Office of Police Accountability Director Gino Betts used to describe the way Seattle Police Officer Daniel Auderer talked and laughed about the death of Jaahnavi Kandula, who was killed after another officer, Kevin Dave, struck her with his cruiser. Someone working in the public records department flagged body-worn video of Auderer cackling over the phone with Seattle police union president Mike Solan, saying Kandula had "limited value." The OPA found that Auderer's comments violated department policy on professionalism, and now it's up to Police Chief Adrian Diaz to determine whether or not he'll punish the cop.

Tank rounds start fire at UN building in Gaza: Thomas White, the United Nations director for Palestinian refugees in Gaza (UNRWA), said the training center in Khan Younis sheltered thousands. Safe access to and from the center has been blocked for two days and people are trapped, White posted on X. This story is developing. Check here for updates.

UN organizations say half a million Gazans are going catastrophically hungry: White’s agency said 570,000 are experiencing famine levels of starvation. UNRWA has distributed flour, high-energy biscuits, and protein-based food to 320,000 families so far, but the UN’s World Food Programme said getting food into northern Gaza, a region cut off from external aid, is difficult. In a video distributed by the AP, a senior Hamas official claimed people are consuming animal feed to survive.

No ceasefire: As the siege of Khan Younis continues, several sources told Reuters that progress had been made in peace talks between Israel and Hamas that would pause fighting for the release of captive Israelis and aid to enter Gaza. But Al Jazeera reported that a senior Israeli spokesperson pushed back against those reports, saying the country would not give up on the destruction of Hamas.

Tanya Woo appointed to Seattle City Council: We knew this was coming. Woo, the candidate big business bet on and lost, will fill Teresa Mosqueda’s vacant seat until November. This comes after Bruce Harrell consultant Tim Ceis told corporate donors to push for Woo’s appointment. Hannah has a lot more to say here.

Donald Trump beats Nikki Haley by 11 points in New Hampshire: Haley won six out of 10 independents and lost three-quarters of Republicans last night. So Republicans don't seem to be buying her argument that she’s more electable than the former president. Despite the 54-43 loss, she says she isn’t giving up. The next primary is in Nevada, but she’s not even on the ballot. Then comes her home state of South Carolina, where she served as governor. So far it's looking like she’ll lose that contest, too, which would be really hard to justify.

Speaking of New Hampshire: The state's Democrats organized a write-in campaign on behalf of President Joe Biden, who wanted to demote the Granite State lower in the primary timeline in favor of making South Carolina go first. When New Hampshire rejected that proposition, Biden stepped off the ballot. But then local Dems stepped in and helped him win anyway. 

Historic Oscar nom: Mountlake Terrace High School alumna Lily Gladstone became the first Native American nominated in an acting category for her role as Molly Burkehart in Martin Scorcese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. Gladstone grew up on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana before moving to Washington with her family in middle school. No kidding–her senior superlative was “most likely to win an Oscar.”

Israeli explosives meant to demolish Palestinian neighborhood killed 20 Israeli soldiers: Israel said its plan to create a “buffer zone” with Gaza would protest Israelis, but it may be a war crime to demolish these homes. The explosion occurred after Gazans fired on a tank near a building where Israeli soldiers were planting explosives. They blew up during the exchange of fire.

@LibsOfTikTok becomes OklahomaPoliticalAppointee: Chaya Raichik, the woman whose homophobic social media account leads to bomb threats at schools and hospitals, has joined the Oklahoma Department of Education’s Library Media Advisory Committee. She has no experience in education, she doesn’t live in Oklahoma, and it's altogether kind of like appointing Skeletor to the Department of He-Man. The superintendent who appointed Raichik said that she was on the front lines of showing the world what the radical left was all about, but I’d argue she’s better at showing the world what the radical right is all about.

Teen boy shot and killed at Seattle recreation center: The 14-year-old boy was found injured in the bathroom of Southwest Teen Life Center in West Seattle around 1:30 pm yesterday afternoon. Seattle Police officers are interviewing teenagers for more information and still searching for the weapon, according to the Seattle Times. Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said in a video posted to the West Seattle blog that police do not have evidence of a fight breaking out before the shooting. 

Gene therapy is amazing: An 11-year-old boy became first person in the US to be treated for congenital deafness with gene therapy. Aissam Dam can hear for the first time, and there apparently isn’t a sound he doesn’t like. While hundreds of millions of people in the world have hearing loss, few are like Aissam. Before his treatment, he was one of only 200,000 people with deafness caused by a single mutation on a single gene. Scientists told the New York Times that Aissam’s case is groundbreaking.

Rich guy makes money off another rich guy: Influencer Mr. Beast made $263,000 off a single video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, as part of the app’s new ad revenue sharing program. Owner Elon Musk launched the program in July as an incentive for creators. I miss the site being useful, but at least someone's happy!

After 20 months, Turkish parliament votes to admit Sweden into NATO: Letting the country become the 32nd member of NATO would further expand the mass military alliance against Russia. If President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey signs the ratification document, then Hungary would be the final holdout, but they have signaled they won’t stand in Sweden’s way. Historically, Sweden has traditionally remained neutral, so it’d be a big deal. 

Tacoma martial-arts school sued over child sexual abuse: Families sued Tenchikan Dojo for allegedly failing to prevent instructor Michael Basse from molesting three pupils. The lawsuit claims Basse sexually abused the three plaintiffs for three years during individual training sessions and Dojo-sponsored camping trips. Dojo founder Mike Sauders denied the allegations that the Dojo should have known about Basse, who allegedly molested at least eight students in all. The News Tribune reported that criminal charges against Basse were dropped after he committed suicide, according to an attorney for the victims.

We’ll be voting on at least one conservative ballot initiative this year: