We got Ann Davison's naughty list: Hannah's off today, so I'm using my authorial privilege to make sure you noticed a bit of brute force journalism from Seattle's Only Blog this afternoon. I reviewed the criminal history of every person the City Attorney's "High Utilizer Initiative" targets, and it turns out those people are disproportionately Black, homeless, and suffering from mental illness. Will more jail help them? Almost certainly not, but the people I spoke with have no shortage of good ideas that would.

I kid you not, this is real: In one of the thousands of court documents I looked through in researching that piece, I found this gem hidden in one complaint:

Hope he got to keep his office chair: Campaign finance law abolitionist Tim Eyman had to sell his house to pay off millions in fines and debts, reports The Seattle Times. At least his portion of it, anyway. His ex-wife will now own the entirety of their residence, and the $900,000 will go towards paying off the "$5.6 million in sanctions and legal fees he owes the state of Washington and other creditors."

Good vibes only in this Slog: I've decided that we're not going to head into the weekend full of bad news. Only good news, the kind featuring assholes getting what they deserve:

Down with the Blue Angels: They're loud, they scare my dog, and they're causing disproportionate amounts of harmful air pollution for communities in Seattle's South End. Let's have this be the last year we all pretend to enjoy seeing fighter jet pilots play chicken.

Get bent, Oregon breweries: Three Washington breweries filed suit against the state of Oregon for unfairly discriminating against them in favor of their own domestic brand of too-hoppy local beers, reports KING 5. The clearly superior Washington breweries are mad that they can't ship their cold, delicious product directly to Oregon homes, despite Oregonian breweries having that privilege in Washington. Sounds like a slam dunk case to me.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott still on his bullshit: For weeks now, the Governor of the Lone Star State has been sending migrants arriving at the southern border to Washington, D.C. with no plan for who will support them once they arrive. We're going to ignore his inane scheme and focus, as the good people at NPR did, on the incredible people stepping up to volunteer their homes for these people to stay in until they can get connected to family elsewhere in the country.

See, Joe? It's not that hard: A federal judge in San Francisco approved a settlement yesterday that would cancel the loans of 200,000 students who claimed the shady for-profit colleges they attended defrauded them. Now, if only the President would follow suit for the rest of us...

Buzz off, Bannon: Trump's second sweatiest henchman, Steve Bannon, is out here trying to flood the zone with shit again by falsely claiming our primary was rigged against Trumpist candidates Joe Kent and Loren Culp. KUOW did the Lord's work by promptly issuing the world's easiest fact-check, because of course that's not happening. The losers lost, as losers are wont to do.

Still can't believe the GOP wasted so much money: Austin Jenkins of Northwest News Network took a tour through some of the districts where Republican spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against Democratic incumbents and came up nearly empty. I know we already covered this ground on Wednesday morning, but I'm constitutionally incapable of avoiding a story where Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox eats crow on the record.

So you're telling us there's a chance: 

Trumpian Republican nearly overtakes incumbent in southwest Washington: Read Rich's latest ballot drop update for the details.

ICYMI in Slog AM, there's a Monkeypox vaccination drive tomorrow:

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Important note on the monkeypox vaccine clinic: It's ONLY for people "who are at highest risk and meet the eligibility criteria." What's that criteria? 

Eligibility criteria include: 1) People who have had sexual or close intimate contact with someone who has tested positive for monkeypox. 2) People at high risk of recent exposure, including men who have sex with men who have recently had multiple sexual or intimate close contact partners. See additional details about eligibility criteria below.

  • People who have had sexual, close intimate contact or other high risk close contact with someone who has tested positive for monkeypox.
  • People at high risk of recent exposure to monkeypox, including men who have sex with men who have recently had multiple sexual or intimate close contact partners including:
    • Gay, bisexual, or other men or transgender people who have sex with men AND
    • At least one of the following:
      • More than 10 sex partners in the prior 3 months
      • History of early syphilis or gonorrhea in the prior year
      • Methamphetamine use in the prior month
      • Attendance at a bathhouse, other public sex venue, or group sex (sex including at least 3 people at the same time) in the prior 3 months
      • Experiencing homelessness/unstable housing AND currently living in a congregate setting AND had any sexual activity in the prior 3 months.

Vaccination is not currently recommended for members of the general public who are not at high risk of recent exposure to monkeypox.

How has no one told me this dropped two weeks ago? Y'all, there's new Mac Miller music in the world! Check out the latest posthumous mixtape from a man we lost far too early: