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Monkeypox should be renamed “the trumps”


When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

$hitler already sold any top secrets to America's enemies, the $audis and Ru$$ia, obvs. He's a soulless, lying, treasonous psychopath, along with the GOPnazis that worship him.

Also, Javanka just got paid $2 billion by the $audis, and it sure as hell wasn't for their investment skills.

Where in the world will they find an electric chair wide enough for Tr666p.


Roughly 1275 cops to 955 cops is a 25% decrease- a substantial amount.
It sure would be nice to get over this demonization phase, so that all parts of our social fabric could work together again!


"After 15 hours of debate on the House floor, Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the sweeping health care, climate and tax legislation that's been characterized as a cut-down version of Biden's Build Back Better plan"

Hannah, I had no idea that Kamala Harris as Vice President and President of the Senate also casts tie breaking votes in the House of Representatives.


@1 DOUG for the WIN!!!!

@2 Original Andrew: Engineers of the Goodyear Blimp might be able to design something. Here's hoping it's soon. Then bring out the white cheddar popcorn, red wine, and dark chocolate as the Orange Turd is set on London Broil, and the world cheers. Film update at 11!

Rest in peace, Anne Heche. 53 is too young, and dying in a car crash is a frightening way to go. Condolences to all.


@5: Go count bullet-riddled bodies, you worthless sack of shit.


"But good ole Senator Bernie Sanders, ever the party pooper on the liberal's fun times, said that the bill straight up won't do enough to immediately help working families facing the strain of inflation."

ah the temerity of a Sanders
sticking up for we the
working class

getting pretty
Boring and
Bernie. let
us not stir
the Pot

let the
Billionaires lie


"got into a car crash" is a quite a passive way to say she was speeding, drunk and coked out of her mind, caused two crashes, the last of which left her trapped in a burning house.


how Manly
the Degradation
how patronizing the
greeting how condescending
the tone . have a great Weekend !


trumpf's pus & pox
has a rather satis-
fying horrorshow
stench about it

but yeah @1
let's get it Labeled
in honor of a great man
and a Total Piece of Shite


10 seems to have difficulty recognising sarcasm.


likely the
Least of his
Worries jexxy


I’m actually quite sad about Anne Heche. She was a kooky whackadoodle, but she was one of ours.
She had a downright crazy abusive childhood that would’ve caused anyone to have major mental health problems, and she overcame poverty to become enormously successful.
She was incredibly brave in coming out in the late 90s and faced a terrible backlash professionally. Even still, she did help normalize gayness/bisexuality at the time. She was never mean or unkind; she was a good person.
I can’t even fathom the circumstances that led to the horrific crash, and I feel terrible for her sons, who lost their mom in such a violent and public way. Heartbreaking.
Condolences all around.


Interesting how the MAGA trolls are so quiet about the FBI finding a huge trove of stolen classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

They can’t squirt out their deflecting talking points, strawmen, and Whataboutisms fast enough to keep up with reality this time I guess.


'any other low down
drunk piece
of trash'

you're not
projecting again?

you gotta
give yourself
more Credit if
ya wanna get outta

that Hole.


One upside of the shortage of cops is that speed traps are basically a thing of the past.


ah now it becomes apparent:

From Heartache to Hope
Is There A "Dry Drunk" in Your Life?
6 points to keep in mind when dealing with a "dry drunk."

by Carole Bennett M.A.
May 14, 2011

As habitual as a migration of birds, clients have come to me thrilled that their loved one has stopped drinking, yet report that the partnership is as brittle as tinder and inexplicably worse than before.

Confusion abounds as both have desired sobriety and yet now that it is here, wonder why the relationship seems to be on rockier ground than when the alcoholic was drinking.

This can be the world of the "dry drunk" whether alcoholic or drug addict, however here I refer only to the alcoholic.

So, what is a "dry drunk?" In putting the pieces together from my own personal experiences as well as my clients, the description seems to be universal; one that abstains from alcohol, but is still grappling with the emotional and psychological maladies that may have fueled their addiction to begin with, and continues to have a stranglehold on their psyche.

Without working on (and realizing that this part of recovery needs as much work as the physical addiction does) the emotional/psychological portion, the alcoholic may become lazy, irritable, easily annoyed or quick to anger and will defend and justify at the slightest questioning or provocation.

6) Jealous of others for their stick-to-itiveness, perseverance and strength. Resenting the family member or friend for their dreams and punishing them by not being supportive, questioning their ability and striving to clip their wings of creativity.

tonnes more at

are offering
Great Hope
to those suf-
fering with


if ya cannot pay the fine
don't Do the crime


@ 17,

I definitely understand your anger. There’s no excuse for someone to selfishly and recklessly drive drunk or high in this day of on-demand car services like Uber and Lyft. They put themselves and everyone else at risk. It’s just a tragedy all around.


@3 -- A 25% drop is not huge, especially if other agencies make up the difference. That is the big flaw in this approach. It assumes that you need just as many police. We don't. Even the police feel that way. Ask them, and they will tell you that they spend way too much time dealing with shit that they shouldn't have to deal with. Dealing with someone who is urinating themselves on a pubic street, or screaming constantly is not what they signed up for. They wanted to arrest "real" criminals, or better yet, walk the streets so that potential crimes don't happen.

When people want to "Defund the Police", most of the time, this sort of reduction in the police force is exactly what they propose. It is not police abolition -- although there are some who propose that -- it is simply a model more in line with that found in the rest of the world. Reduce the total number of cops, make sure they are well trained, root out the racists and sadists (and especially the racist, sadistic gangs, both formal and informal) and put the money into prevention, as well as dealing with other crap that can be done by other professionals. There are a lot of people that wouldn't mind working for the city and dealing with the public but would hate being a cop (just as there are cops that hate that sort of work). For a city as big as Seattle, it makes sense to shift work from the police to other agencies. Reduce their workload and we don't need more cops.


Heche had severe mental problems. She never should have been driving. I don't understand why rich people feel the need to drive, especially if they like to take drugs like alcohol. But she may have been delusional before she took the drugs, and force of a stupid habit (driving) lead to her demise. I have more sympathy for her than I have for the asshole that killed the kid the other day. I don't care if that driver was stone-cold sober -- you just don't do that. That wasn't a mistake. It was illegal. Even if there was no one in the crosswalk you could get a ticket for that -- you would certainly fail your driving test. That driver will rot in jail.

Oh wait, no they won't. Because driving is OK as long as your aren't drunk. You can break the law, kill someone, and it is just a little mistake. But get caught with some weed in Texas and your ass is going to jail -- especially if you're black. What a fucked up country we live in. I blame the puritans. Driving is OK, because we see it as necessary. Everyone makes mistakes, why go to jail just because you killed someone. But taking drugs -- why that is just wrong. After all, what would God think? Burn you fucking witch, burn!


@16 RogertheShrubber: I was wondering about that, too. Reality must have bitten even the brazenest of trolling MAGA dolts in the ass this time. What can they gloat about anymore if their lord king is roasted like the prime entree at a Hawaiian luau and the Orange Turd's Unholy Roman Empire goes down in flames?
I quote the late actor, Gene Wilder, as world-renowned candyman, Willy Wonka (1971): "The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last."
Hopefully with the Fall of Trump, so goes the GOP. The world will cheer.


Fair enough, I guess, if the police only want to deal with violent crimes (gun shots, armed robberies, domestic violence -although the cops aren’t crazy about DV calls).
Only now we have a range of anti-social behaviors that everyone has to tolerate- ranging from the mildly annoying sleeping in public to waves of retail theft and vandalism. And there’s no solution in sight. The Seattle DA dropped thousands of backlogged misdemeanor cases, because the whole system is so overwhelmed. If social norms aren’t enforced, why follow them?


@35 we have always had anti-social behaviors bred by addiction, poverty and mental illness. Only now it’s compounded by a skyrocketing cost of living and other smaller cities virtually shipping thier problems to Blue cities. So it’s that much harder to solve. It’s harder and more expensive for those individuals who could climb out of these wells of misery to do so and more expensive for social agencies to assist them. We responded with policing rather than prevention and mitigation for so long we’ve convinced the populace that punitive action will solve this. It won’t. And it never has.


@35 -- I never said the cops only wanted to deal with violent crime. I said the cops only want to deal with "normal" crime. Theft and vandalism certainly fall under that category. What they don't like dealing with is people with mental issues who are simply a nuisance. Nor are they they best people to deal with those issues. They are thrust into that job simply because we haven't hired other, more qualified people to do it. It would be like cops being asked to put out fires, because we didn't want to hire a fire department.

In Scandinavian countries they have a much smaller police force. You would assume, therefore, that crime is much higher. It is the opposite. Their cops are better paid, and better trained. They are simply more effective. They catch the murderers, we don't*. Partly it is because they have better cops, but it is also because of the overall system. We took a different approach -- one that has failed miserably. Getting tough on crime is effective, but it is really fucking expensive. It means lots of money spent on cops, courts, jails and prisons. Ultimately, it is much cheaper to spend money preventing the problem, then trying to spent it on the punishment system.

Unfortunately, if you try and explain this, folks think you are "soft on crime". Law and order folks aren't into fiscal responsibility. You can find numerous studies showing that tougher sentencing, or more police really does reduce crime. But those same studies show that alternatives are a lot more cost effective. For the same amount of money, you can reduce crime a lot more by spending money on social workers, not cops (and lawyers, and judges, and prison guards, etc.).


@37 hahahaha by being racist shittards that repeat every MAGA talking point, defend the Jan 6th coup, squeal the most milk toast democratic position is some socialist doomsday, and claim CoVID19 was just another flu?

Hahaha. Sure. Sounds super “moderate.”


@13 #10 has difficulty recognizing reality.


The behavior is drunk driving, dipshit. Not addiction. Addiction is a medical diagnosis and an affliction.

Blindness is an affliction. Blind people also can’t drive cars safely. If a blind person drives a car they likely endanger other people.

So instead of addressing unsafe driving I guess you should heap scorn on all blind people.

Fuck you are a stupid venal pile of shit and I don’t understand why anyone bothers even replying… and why the fuck did I…


if only
they might
make concrete as
Resolute as ol' dewey


"In Scandinavian countries they have a much smaller police force. You would assume, therefore, that crime is much higher.

It is the opposite.

Their cops are better paid, and better trained.

They are simply more effective.

They catch the murderers, we don't*.

Partly it is because they have better cops, but it is also because of the overall system. We took a different approach -- one that has failed miserably. Getting tough on crime is effective, but it is really fucking expensive." --@Ross

well them Damn them Costs!
we wanna PUNSIH people!
'cause WE Deserve it!
I mean deserve TO!
if we're Really
MAD at 'em
can we Tor-
Ture 'em

may as well
get our Money's worth, eh?

"It means lots of money spent on cops, courts, jails and prisons. Ultimately, it is much cheaper to spend money preventing the problem, then trying to spent it on the punishment system." --also@Ross

how 'bout if we
Charged Admission
to the Hangin's? wouldn't
cost the Taxpayers a red Cent &
could even go Planetarial if Done right

think of the PROFITs

can we even
Afford Morality?


@37: Exactly what type of "Moderate Dems" are you talking about, skidmark? Do you have some examples? Nice try. By the way, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are NOT Democrats. They're Mitch McConnell's profiteering RepubliKKKan sock puppets.

@40 RogertheShrubber: Bless you, and thank you for beating me to it.


oh and then again
there are those
well-paid to
stir up Di-

but why on Earth
would they be
consigned to
Seattle of all


not diversions


I'd bet even money
st2's the Ghost
of Bezos


I look forward to when the Orange Turd gets sentenced to the very Hell Fred and Mary Anne MacCleod Trump created. Doug the Thug Ericksen and Rush Limbaugh will be among many waiting in a long line to cornhole
the Orange Turd for all eternity. When this happens, the world will cheer. I hope that along with the Fall of Trump, the entire GOP goes down in flames, never to return to power.
Meanwhile, the Orange Turd's insurrectionist tools are going to prison for their acts of domestic terrorism. WTF did these goons EXPECT by willfully storming the nation's capitol, threatening our democracy, endangering lives, killing five people--including a D.C. cop, and disrupting what should have been a peaceful transfer of executive power over to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris?


@48 skidmark: I'm grateful not to be living in a blood red neofascist community, county, or state.
I can't imagine living anywhere east of the Cascades.


Trump got indicted.

PLEASE oh PLEASE oh PLEASE oh PLEASE oh PLEASE oh PLEASE say that the following is also true:

Trump got convicted.
Game over. Roast in Hell, GOP.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. You are now free to breathe freely and roam about the planet.

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