Port Orchard man sentenced for participating in Jan 6: A judge sentenced John Cameron to 36 months probation, a $1,000 fine, and $500 in restitution after "pleading guilty to one count of parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building following an agreement with federal prosecutors," KING 5 reports. Two days after the insurrection, the FBI got a tip pointing out Cameron's Facebook page, where he had been posting about his trip to the Capitol. His posts included a video showing rioters "breaching the secured areas of the scaffolding surrounding the Capitol building." He initially faced four charges before pleading guilty to one.

Elsewhere on the far-right: A 46-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested after allegedly threatening to "water the trees of liberty" with the blood of FBI agents after federal agents searched Mar-a-Lago, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Speaking of Pennsylvania: If this guy becomes the next senator of that state, then I will spend the rest of my life making ads like this on behalf of my political enemies: 

Harrell signs abortion legislation: The Mayor signed four bills the Seattle City Council passed to stop Seattle police from helping law enforcement in other states pursue abortion cases and to shore up local abortion protections. The City will also direct $250,000 to the Northwest Abortion Access Fund, KIRO reports. 

Update on light rail death: The train hit a 39-year-old women after she "appeared to stumble and fall off the southbound passenger-boarding platform just as a train arrived," the Seattle Police Department told the Seattle Times

The cold spring reduced Washington's apple production by 11%, according to the The Washington State Tree Fruit Association. The association's president told the Associated Press that the size of the harvest "pleased" the industry, all things considered. The report also included this little nugget: At 20%, Gala apples represent the majority of the state's crop this year. Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, and Fuji all kinda hang around the mid-to-low teens, and the controversial Cosmic Crisp comes in last with 4.6% of the harvest. 

The cops think people learned to steal Kias from TikTok videos: "In July, police investigated 36 reports of stolen Kias (compared to five in July 2021) and believe suspects may be using a method learned from TikTok, using a USB drive or cable and other tools, in place of a key, to start a vehicle," they wrote in a blog post. 

Starbucks union wave continues despite the corporation's hardball tactics: Starbucks lawyers told the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to stop accepting union filings until they get to the bottom of an accusation that the St. Louis labor board "improperly coordinated with union organizers," according to the Associated Press. The allegation? That the board told a handful of workers to vote in a private room at a local NLRB office after the workers claimed they hadn't received their ballots in the mail. The NLRB said it will  “carefully and objectively” field the challenge. 

Not a very merry Merriwick: People lost their shit about the car traffic at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire over the weekend. In the comments, people claimed to have waited in traffic for hours just to get in. One person claimed to have suffered from "sun sickness" after standing in line in the sun for "2.5 hours." Others demanded more cops to direct traffic, but on Facebook the faire said the sheriff thought that cops on corners "will make it worse." The Faire also noted that events at Maris Farms and Swiss Park over the weekend may have increased traffic. 

The Faire issued an apology on Facebook, claiming that they plan to refund those who couldn't get in and pause some sales next week in the meantime. They "feel terribly about all those who had to be stuck in traffic coming here or trying to leave," on Saturday, but said they were able to reduce lines on Sunday "relatively quickly."

They also pledged to do better next year: "We are already speaking about parking solutions for next year. We are going to have more people in the parking lots to try and help with what is happening there. PCSD is helping with traffic flow. And every cast, crew, & volunteer are going to continue to work like crazy to fix these problems & bring you the best show we can," the organization wrote on Facebook. Huzzah!

Review shows President Biden dramatically reducing drone strikes: Our eyes in the sky in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria killed fewer people in the last couple years than they did under Obama and Trump: 

Giuliani targeted in criminal probe: The leaky goon's lawyer said the feds want to look at Trump's former attorney as part of "a wide-ranging criminal investigation into election interference in Georgia," according to The New York Times. Targeting does not automatically lead to an indictment, but "an indictment is possible." 

*Brad Pitt voice* What's in the booxxxxx??? Today the DOJ asked a judge not to unseal a legal document that would reveal "key details about the government’s investigation into the potential mishandling of classified materials" at Trump's palace, according to The Washington Post, one of the outlets who asked to the judge to unseal the document. The DOJ thinks the such a move would reveal too much about the trajectory of law enforcement's investigation into the top secret papers Trump apparently stored at his place.

Sixteen days until people with student loans have to start paying again: And nothing solid yet from the Biden Administration, according to Politico

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