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Time for my periodic reminder that it DID matter whether Clinton or Trump won in 2016. An appeal to the 8th district court put the student loan loan forgiveness plan, as limited as it is, proposed by President Biden on hold. Do you think Clinton appointed judges would have done this? Or overturned Roe?


@4 Even more concerning is the decision today by the 5th Circuit that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutionally funded because it is funded by the Federal Reserve outside the annual appropriations process.

The ruling could put every decision by the CFPB (created by Elizabeth Warren) at risk.

And you know what other government agencies are funded outside the annual appropriations process?

Social Security and Medicare....

McConnell's judicial appointments were never about abortion, they were about dismantling the administrative state and ending the last vestiges of the New Deal.

So, to all the people who voted for Ralph Nader in 2000, and told us the Democrats and Republicans are all the same in 2016, Fuck You!


@5 Should have ran better Democrats than Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.


@4 KEK55: BINGO. If Hillary Clinton had rightfully become 45th President of the United States, making history as the first woman in the White House, and if Al Gore--NOT Dubya---had become 43rd President of the United States, just imagine what a utopian society we COULD have had!

@5 STII: I agree with you on the fate of Nader voters and the idiots who said Democrats and Republicans were all the same in 2016. But Mitch McConnell's judicial appointments have EVERYTHING to do with anti-abortion extremists! The GOP wants all women, along with everyone else who is not insanely wealthy, corrupt white male to be voiceless, powerless, and with no ability to have control over our own bodies. Voting rights will be repealed next, followed by Social Security and Medicare. The 5th Amendment unjustly for many just went bye-bye.
This is all glaring proof that we need DEMOCRATS to remain in power, not RWNJ neofascist RepubliKKKans.
This goes back before Dubya and Hillary. The GOP is the Party of Donald Trump, the Orange Turd, laughing its ugly demonized ass off in its Mar-a-Lunatic Swampland. This apocalyptic nightmare is all Machiavellian vengeance in spades for Richard M. Nixon's resignation from the U.S. Presidency on August 9, 1974 after the Watergate scandal. The Orange Turd and its loyalists want Nixon to look like an altar boy by comparison.


@6 The Misinformed: Riiiiight, lil MAGAt. Keep telling yourself that. Do you gargle with hydroxychloroquine every morning, too?


@2 guesty: Trump ho Tiffany Smiley gets my vote for vapid twat. She's not senatorial material at all, has no experience or any achievements, and is the polar opposite of Senator Patty Murray. There is ample reason why Murray is running for a sixth term in D.C. Smiley, on the other hand, would only serve among Mitch McConnell's sock puppets, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. Smiley is a sleazy lawyer who looks and sounds like she'd be infinitely better suited to host the Orange Turd's reality show, forever blowing smoke up Trump's and McConnell's fetid asses.


@6 Those were the Democrats that were selected by the majority of Democratic voters.

For the last 54 years every time the progressive activists throw a hissy fit a right wing Republican becomes president and drags the country to the right.

'68 Bobby is assassinated and the party chooses Humphrey, a sitting vice president with strong civil rights accomplishments. Rather than support Humphrey the leftists choose to riot in Chicago handing the election to Nixon.

'72 The 26th Amendment has passed lowering the voting age to 18. The Democrats nominate a candidate who makes Bernie Sanders look like a centrist, counting on the youth vote to propel them to victory.
Well 18-21 year-olds don't vote and Nixon wins in a landslide.

'80 Ted Kennedy inexplicably primaries against a sitting Democratic president, weakening him making Ronald Reagan's victory all the more of a landslide.

2000 After 8 years of Peace Prosperity and Clinton, the country has experienced prosperity for long enough that we can start thinking about having nice things. Instead Ralph Nader, runs his stunt ego campaign, helping George W and Dick Cheney get elected.

2016 After 8 years of probably the most honorable and honest man to ever sit in the Oval Office, a president who finally after half a century of trying delivered on Democrats dream of a health care plan, Bernie Sanders ego tour refuses to accept defeat. They even drag up 20 year-old republican attacks against Hillary Clinton and polishe them up for the 21st Century. Handing victory to Donald Trump.

Sorry I am done with progressives handing victory to the right. Progressive's do nothing but help ensure Republican victory, each one driving the country further to the right.


@7 "But Mitch McConnell's judicial appointments have EVERYTHING to do with anti-abortion extremists! "

I think to McConnell abortion is an afterthought. The long-term goal has been to repeal the New Deal. To get Social Security declared unconstitutional. To have the court decide the government can't use the commerce power to regulate the air, the water.

The real targets aren't court decisions. He wants acts of Congress; the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species, Act, the Civil Rights Act, to be declared unconstitutional.


I’ll just quietly murmur that Democrats consistently win the popular vote, but lose the electoral college, so it’s not like people don’t want them.

As for Taylor swift, all I know about her is that she’s a singer. I couldn’t name one of her songs (my tastes run more towards Mantovani or The Lennon Sisters), but if her song is about her eating disorder, wouldn’t her seeing the scale as telling her she’s fat fit that narrative? .


‘Prosecutors argued that the suspect is “incredibly dangerous and should be held without bail,” according to a press release from the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The judge agreed and found probable cause for first-degree murder, robbery, unlawful possession of a gun, and two counts of first-degree assault.’

Hasn’t the Stranger been telling us for awhile now that judges shouldn’t agree with prosecutors?


Don't forget the Smiley and Pouty debate tomorrow night over at CSPAN. At 5pm I think.

@13 - I adore the Lennon Sisters too! Here's one of the more quintessential ones I found:


@10 and @11 STII: You're overlooking one glaring detail regarding Mitch McConnell's Draconian mission to bring us all back to the Dark Ages at the Earth's expense: You, Mitch McConnell, Orange Turd, etc., are all men, am I right? You and anyone else assigned male at birth will never have to worry about giving birth or having to endure an unwanted pregnancy. THIS is why I will always vote Democrat. Democrats--especially Senator Patty Murray--- support a woman's right to make her own reproductive health decisions. Mitch McConnell is illegally pouring shitloads of outside cash into Trump ho Tiffany Smiley's campaign fund, BECAUSE HE HATES WOMEN, ALL WOMEN, ESPECIALLY EDUCATED AND WELL QUALIFIED ONES WHO GET THINGS DONE, AND WHO KNOW BETTER THAN TO VOTE AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS AS CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES.
We need to eliminate the electoral college, and remove the GOP from power. It is largely what led to all the RepubliKKKan victories you cited in @10.

@12: ...said the cheap Raindrop wannabe whose brain size is that of a peanut. "November is gonna be fun".
40 going on 14, or are you 14 and can't vote so you spew out what your MAGAt parents misinform you with? Either way you're the one lacking sense, not me. STFU, dumbshit.
What's the matter, TarZany? Trip on your loincloth on your way out of the shower singing off key, the neighbors caught sight of your pathetic little shroom because you didn't put the window shades down before toweling off, and now their kids are giggling hysterically at your fetid little incel ass? No "Emperor's New Clothes"--just senseless hot air. Stop listening to Elmer, lil MAGAt. The Orange Turd is laughing its fat, wide ass off at both of you and your ilk.

@13 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Thank you for further confirming my point that the electoral college is grossly outdated and needs to be eliminated, especially with GOP gerrymandering and redistricting.

@15: Here's to incumbent Senator Patty Murray being rightfully re-elected a sixth term in the U.S. Senate.


@10 STII: You fully lost me at your last line: "Sorry I am done with progressive handing victory to the right. Progressives do nothing but ensure victory to Republicans, each one driving the country further to the right."
So you've really been a MAGAt and Trump sympathizer all along. Be part of the solution, Toby, not part of the problem.



I'm a liberal, a Democrat, and more importantly a pragmatist.

I have seen repeatedly how progressive campaigns, protests, and tactics have backfired and resulted in the election of ultra conservative politicians.

2020 was a disaster for Democrats because of the riots throughout the summer in Seattle and Portland. Democrats should have gained a dozen seats in the House and a clear majority in the Senate.

But because progressives gift wrapped the GOP a summer of chaos, the Dems lost 15 House seats, won the Senate only because of two miraculous wins in Georgia, and Biden's victory was far too close in far too many states.

Progressives helped Trump win in 2016.
Progressives helped W. Bush win in 2000.
Progressives helped Reagan win in 1980.
Progressives helped Nixon win in 1968.

Progressives one step forward two steps back.

Fuck Progressives!


@16 "We need to eliminate the electoral college"

I agree, the Senate too.

But it ain't going to happen so we better learn how to win within the bounds of the system we have, not the system we wish we had.


@18 and @19 STII: I noticed that you still didn't answer my comment about Mitch McConnell's real game plan in my comment @16, Toby. Did I strike a nerve? Well, good. Feel free to pass it on to all other male voters, especially those among us claiming to be liberals and registered Democrats.
Unless I'm miscalculating I honestly think we're going to see an overwhelming turnout in women voters for the midterm elections. The Trump-appointed neofascist Extreme Court's overturning of Roe vs. Wade was a rude wake up call for millions of us.


"The most optimistic Democrats think the party could pick up one seat in both chambers, but others think their majority will actually shrink. But sick virtue signal, Jay! "

Jesus fucking Christ he's not performing for you to applaud, he's telling you that you're supposed to get more Ds elected. Before you, Hannah, say you're 25 or whatever and have no income to support candidates, you might look at the platform you have here and use it do something rather than use it to whine.


Auntie… the only one that looks like they’ve had a nerve struck is you. You sound like you need a vacation.


Murray Smiley Debate:

Susan Hutchison was a better debater against Cantwell than Smiley against Murray.


Thanks for the deep dive in the arcane, navel-gazing world of Taylor Swift.


@22: And your consistently senseless word salad spewing--however much you're givin' it all you can, Cap'n!--suggests that you need to be fired into outer space--one way, on Jeff Bezos' pathetically oversized dildo. Bon voyage and good riddance, llil MAGAt.

@25: You WISH, TarZany. Go cover up your limp little shroom before your neighbors cite you for indecent exposure.

@22 and @25: WOW. You're both pretty desperate aren't you, for trolling incels. Your childish hatred of women is a glaring sign of Trump-induced stupidity, further exacerbated by too much Fox TeeVee. Did your mothers clothespin your little shrooms when you peed in the corner? Which one of you MAGAts is stuck with the bottom bunk in the fetid depths of Elmer's mother's basement?

@23: What did you expect for a Mitch McConnell-appointed Trump ho, Elmer?


@25: Oh, that's right, TarZany. You're really Swifty under a new user name. Changing your alias as frequently as you do must be exhausting work. Who's after you?


@23: Your roomies are really batshit crazily hyped up, lately, Elmer. What did you put in their breakfast cereal?

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