It won't be the incident that leads to meaningful gun control in this country. And don't call me


Y'all have been interpreting "Vision Zero" all wrong. It actually means there's no plan to solve this problem.


Welcome, Vice President, Kamala Harris!

@1 Seventiesrocked: I'm still cringing.



I would far prefer someone trying to kill me be armed with a molotov cocktail rather than an AR-15 rifle. And so would you.


@8 so an 18 year gap between mass killings. I don't think you're making the point you think you are.


"This video has made me fear clouds. Why are they so ominous? What are they planning???": And they're so shifty, too, always moving around and changing shapes. What are they hiding?



Also seems maybe relevant that molotov cocktails are in fact illegal for both manufacture and purchase, owing to their inherent capability to inflict mass carnage. I shouldn't have engaged though. Dude will never admit he's wrong about anything, which is what makes him such an asshole.


Remember when we armed our entire infantry with just knives and Molotov cocktails rather than rifles because they were so much more fearsome?

Yeah. Me neither.


"Why does Google want this company? Hard to say."

Are you unfamiliar with the sleep sensing capabilities on the Nest Hub?
Or why Google bought fitbit awhile ago?


do you think tire manufacturers are leaving those compounds out of their bike tire rubber just to appease environmentalist car haters? lol
matt, you better just get a wooden-wheeled rickshaw made from scrap wood and lashed together with old shoe laces, you will be the biggest friend to the earth.


@14 PrincessAngeline#2: OMG I am SO sorry to hear about your accident and injuries! I hope you got a good settlement and your car replaced if it could not be repaired. Sending hugs, positrons, and VW beeps.
I fully agree---WAY too many people--drivers, bikers, bus riders, and pedestrians are distracted by their goddamn phones! I don't take my phone with me when riding the bus, and absolutely won't answer it when driving. All calls go to voicemail to be answered later. As a motorist I have to drive defensively and stay alert to traffic. You never know what the other driver is going to do, even in broad daylight in good conditions.

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