Again??? A ferry did some minor damage to a dock when it came in just a little too rough this afternoon. It’s nowhere near as bad as the mangling caused by the crash back in July. Today’s impact occurred during a training exercise.

Big election update! The latest ballot update shows King County moving closer toward election reform for primaries. The "yes" vote for Prop 1A and 1B leads "no" by about 3,000 votes, widening the gap. If the numbers keep heading this way, Seattle will need to set up ranked-choice voting in its primary elections by 2027. Over in Kitsap, Democratic Sen. Emily Randall maintains her lead over the biggest brat in the Legislature, Rep. Jesse Young. She’s leading 51 to 49, with a little more than 1,700 votes difference. With an estimated 17,000 votes left to count in Kitsap, this one is still looking close. King County Elections also estimates there are about 6,500 outstanding signature challenges in town. Voters have until November 28 at 4:30 pm to return the form needed to clear up issues with their ballot and have their vote counted. Further updates are expected today at 6 pm (Clyde Shavers up in Island County).

I can’t get over Joe Kent’s dumb campaign materials. Here’s one of the images his people put out, warning that… I dunno, Democrats are going to hijack a light rail train and drive it all the way to rural Clark County while spray-painting ACAB on walls and sprouting encampments in their wake? Sure, whatever. The best part is that’s not even a Portland train! They appear to have grabbed a stock photo from Minneapolis. That’s quite a commute for all those criminals!

Kids do not want to be shot, for some reason. A massive crowd of students walked out of school this afternoon and marched (along with many parents) to City Hall to demand action on gun violence. They want better mental health services and a ban on assault rifles, among other things.

Have you seen Leslie Jordan in a Bob Mackie dress? In one of his books, the great gone-too-soon actor Leslie Jordan described an incident in which he was photographed wearing a Bob Mackie dress at a fundraiser; the photo made its way into the National Enquirer, which upset his mother until Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher personally intervened. It’s a great story, which you can read here. But I’d very much like to find that National Enquirer article. Do you have any idea how I could track it down? It would likely have appeared sometime after 1997 when Jordan got sober, and before 2008ish, when he first shared the story. Let me know if you’ve got any leads!

Standing in line? What are you, a tourist? Just a friendly reminder that if you’re flying out of Sea-Tac this holiday season you will have an exponentially better time if you take advantage of the Spot Saver program, which allows you to reserve a time for your security check without having to wait in line. It’s free.

We are doomed to debate gay marriage until the end of time. The Senate will vote on a same-sex marriage bill on Wednesday. The bill would codify equal marriage at the federal level, something that was previously left to the states. It would prohibit the federal government from recognizing polycules, because it wouldn’t be America if we weren’t pointlessly inconveniencing someone.

Nearly 10,000 people were killed on American streets in the first three months of 2022. This weekend is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Among those observing the event will be Amber Weilert, whose son Michael was killed by a driver south of Tacoma this summer. There are no commemoration events planned for Seattle, even though we average about two dozen traffic deaths per year.

Welcome, neighbors. Notices have just gone out regarding a new affordable housing project on Capitol Hill. It’s at 800 East Denny Way (across from Twice Told Tales and the Pantages building) and it’s being managed by the YWCA. The building is just finishing construction and will consist of 91 units (or 93, depending on whom you ask) of affordable and permanent supportive housing. It's slated to open by June of 2023.

Is Apple building a VR world? Maybe. Job listings suggest that Apple is building some sort of hub for VR users, ahead of the expected release of their headset (for which there is no announced date, but it might be coming next year). You know, sometimes a company melts down rapidly, like Twitter, but other times it takes a much slower route.

Get those lawsuits against the city ready. City council is currently discussing how much to budget for the sidewalk repair program n the face of a sudden $64 million budget shortfall. If you want to see sidewalk repair happen in your neighborhood, now might be a good time to trip over some broken pavement. (lol don't really do that.)

A fish victory. A fishctory. Good news for the environment of Puget Sound: the State will not renew the lease of a fish farm with a history of doing ecological damage. This is the culmination of a multi-year campaign by advocates for the environment and animal welfare. As we’ve covered in the past, investigations found that the farms had a serious impact on native fish populations, and hidden cameras captured employees of the farm appearing to stomp animals to death.

Impressive! Here is a nice profile of Washington surfski pro Ana Swetish. I have no idea how this sport works, but I will take the writer’s word for it that “a monster time of 1:30:37” is very impressive. I couldn’t get on one of those things without immediately falling in the water, so good for her.

Need something relaxing? Please enjoy this nice, calm vintage commercial for Rainier Beer. I can't imagine what the auditions must've been like.