Workers bustin' Amazon's balls. GOOD FOR THEM! DAVID RYDER/GETTY IMAGES



Black Friday = Lick Barf Day.


@1 fluxum for the WIN!!

I'm already ahead of you, Hannah. I have boycotted the corporate profiteering atrocity that is Black Friday since its start, and have no intention of ordering anything from Amazon.

One particular beef I have with Black Friday is that it is an annual shopping madness set on the day after Thanksgiving---always the fourth Friday in November. This day has had special meaning to me, full of fond memories growing up, decades before corporate greed has since made it a day to stay home and not spend a dime.
53 years ago, my father came up with what he called "Tradition Day" for our then recently transplanted family of six: drive 60 miles down from Skagit County to native Seattle, where we lived until July, 1969; park downtown at Washington Plaza (now the Westin Twin Towers on 1900 5th Avenue), ride the Monorail, hit the department stores (Nordstrom, Frederick & Nelson, The Bon Marche, etc.), go see Santa, browse along Pike Place Market and / or Chinatown and then meet up for a nice sit-down Polynesian lunch at Trader Vic's (inside the Westin at the time).
Our family's annual Christmas-shopping-and-lunch tradition lasted for nineteen years, ending once we siblings had grown, married, gone off to college, and the first of my parents' grandchildren came along. Many of us were traveling long distances, which is hard to do with small children.
These are the memories I want to keep and treasure, not camping out overnight, and freezing to death in the parking lot of an outlet store, with the hopes of being the first in line at 6 a.m. the next morning to get the latest in markdowns at giveaway prices, grossly overworked and underpaid store employees be damned, full throttle trampling speed ahead.


Here's to busting Bezos' balls--and his equally outrageous space dildo, too!


Since 11/18, my news feed has carried your Slog musings titled "Two Die in Plane Crash, Girl Boss Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 11 years... ".  Your article includes the term "Girl Boss" to describe a powerful, professional, and mature (albeit a lying) woman.

Calling a woman a "girl" isn't okay.  When women are called girls, the subtle message is that we are not mature, professional or responsible. It is belittling.  I don't think I've ever seen an article referring to a male boss as a "boy boss", yet countless times strong powerful woman (think Michelle Obama) are referred to as "girl bosses" - why can't we just call ourselves "bosses"?

The following article pretty much says it all.

The same topic is covered, with humor, below.

Here's to hoping that we can change the way we write about women.


@4 yeah but tilty head Hannah is totally edgy and stuff baby!


Hey President Joe Biden, how about a ban on RepubliKKKans assaulting our democracy? An executive order for the mass extinction of the GOP? That should open Congress, SCOTUS, the House & Senate to plenty of fresh, progressive voices. And convict the Orange Turd, all-fucking ready! Trump has openly committed exponentially more heinous crimes than the rest of us put together, with only a wrist slap instead of being held criminally accountable and serving life in prison. The Orange Turd should NOT be out free, spewing propagandic bullshit, and running for 2024!


"If you got a freebie four-day weekend this weekend, first of all, fuck you."

Sounds like someone should consider practicing what they preach and consider unionizing.


The comments on that park department tweet are a great example of how we don’t need Twitter. Dumbest. Platform. Ever.


More stupid is conflating "need" with "want", whether it's Black Friday specials or using Twitter.

Yes, you don't want them if you never needed them. Others may want them and some do need them. Some need a dishwasher, and will want to take advantage of a sale and fight the crowds. Some need Twitter to connect with customers or organization, and want to use Twitter to do so.

Stop being snobs.


HanHan, baby, perhaps your complaints should be directed at Index Newspapers LLC. Hope that helps.

My non-union position gets the day after Thanksgiving off… it’s a great time to get a coffee at Starbucks and order some Christmas gifts off Amazon. Cheers!


"If you got a freebie four-day weekend this weekend, first of all, fuck you."

Hannah, since you and Jas, and Will consistently complain about the working conditions and pay rate at Index Newspapers LLC, perhaps you could work together to unionize the place and bargain for higher pay and more holidays.

Or perhaps you could take your talents elsewhere, although I'm unsure of any publications that are going to let you skate by writing only 2 or 3 articles a week....


Seattle reporter tells readers to F themselves and keeps job





peeps HATE
derr schlog &
yet NEVER Miss
an Issue! go figure

where will you
Go when it's Gone?

prolly Not


@8 Catalina Vel-DuRay: WORD! Bravo and well said, as usual. Keep on rocking the house.

@9: Here's a better idea, raindrop: Stop being an ignorant, over-enthusiastically judgmental troll.

@14 kristofarian: Methinks all the snarky, bootlicking MAGA trolls will crawl back up the Orange Turd's cavernous buttcrack, home to roost like rabid fruit bats until the next $hitler hate rally. This will, of course, precede their getting cornholed enmasse in Hell. The only consolation at this point will be their famous last words, as the world burns: "Wait.......WHAAAAAAAAAT?!? You can't mean ME!!!!"


@15: You realize of course. is that their hell is actually that no-one in hell will want to corn hole them.


@14: For you to understand why we do this, you’d first need to understand what “this” is, and you have produced a multitude of comments attesting to the fact you do not.

Verily I say to thee, your confusion of yourself with St. Peter shows the vastness of thy confusion, and thus demonstrates why it cannot remain confined merely to the temporal world.


ah yes tentsorenomores much
like the What Me Lie Massacre
you gotta Destroy the Willage
in order to Save it. well done.


@18: While supposedly uttered by an American military officer in the context of the American War in Viet Nam, the phrase, “… destroy the village in order to save it…” does not refer specifically to the premeditated massacre of civilians by American soldiers at My Lai.

(That phrase has defied efforts to verify it; in “The March of Folly: From Troy to Viet Nam,” the best Barbara Tuchman could do for a source was say, “public tv.”)


The right fought for years to make assault rifles "assault rifles" in the public discourse, and largely won. The news media has mostly settled on (the far more farcical) long guns as its replacement, as if your average mass shooter was dressed in a red coat and brandishing a musket.


@16: You're either dying of boredom or suffering from acute insomnia. Could it possibly be a combination of the two? Go get another nap. Maybe cut back on the caffeine?


@16, part II: Your analogy makes no sense, raindrop. MAGAts are like overly willing Omega pledges waiting to get spanked by Douglas C. Neidermeyer at 1962 Faber College. "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" What's really crazy is that they're ecstatic about suffering their own schadenfreude, further proving their rabidity.


unless we want USA
as shooting gallery
military weapons
assault rifles
long rifles
must Go

even tho
some say
there's no-
thing that can
be Done but they're
Lying. see: the Aussies.



I think we should just repeal the Second Amendment.

Do you have any constructive ideas on how to convince 66 Senators, 288 Representatives, and the legislatures of 38 States to agree?

Or do you just have doggerel?


@24: Why would you want to go that far?



It’s a reaction to the extreme absolutism against any regulation that has been adopted by the NRA and other groups.

When even a simple criminal background check and waiting period is viewed as an infringement it’s obvious we’ll never have realistic and effective gun laws in this country until the Second Amendment is repealed. Unfortunately the Second Amendment will never be repealed.

So maybe Kristo’s doggerel really is the best we can hope for.


the wind?


Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout
Till you have drench'd our steeples, drown'd the cocks!
You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,
Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts,
Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder,
Smite flat the thick rotundity o' the world!
Crack nature's moulds, an germens spill at once,
That make ingrateful man!


@26: China needs a 2nd amendment, like yesterday.

Defeating totalitarianism, whether it comes from the left or right, requires an armed citizenry.

Hitler and Mao shook hands on the dark side of the moon.


@24 STII: I'm for repealing the 2nd Amendment, the NRA, the GOP, the Electoral College, and the neofascist Extreme Court.

@28 STII: Shouting into the wind? It's below 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

@29: You really do need a nap.


@29 Actually Drop I would prefer our laws to be similar to the UK. There is no valid reason for greater than 90% of Americans to own a firearm.

“To obtain a firearm certificate, the police must be satisfied that a person has "good reason" to own each firearm, and that they can be trusted with it "without danger to the public safety or to the peace". Under Home Office guidelines, Firearm Certificates are only issued if a person has legitimate sporting, collecting, or work-related reasons for ownership. Since 1968, self-defense has not been considered a valid reason to own a firearm. The current licensing procedure involves: positive verification of identity, two referees of verifiable good character who have known the applicant for at least two years (and who may themselves be interviewed and/or investigated as part of the certification), approval of the application by the applicant's own family doctor, an inspection of the premises and cabinet where firearms will be kept and a face-to-face interview by a Firearms Enquiry Officer (FEO) also known as a Firearms Liaison Officer (FLO). Only when all these stages have been satisfactorily completed will a licence be issued, which must be renewed every 5 years.”

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