If you are shopping for gifts in Pike Place and want something unique, I highly recommend stopping in Orange Dracula. Even if you don't find the perfect weird kitschy gift, you can at least pick up some "for rectal use only" stickers to put on that boring bottle of wine you bought instead.


How blind drunk would you have to be, or Marilyn Monroe-type Seconal-ed out, to allow Ted Cruz between your legs? Either that or there is a sub-species of woman who goes for the pure asshole. He's unanimously disliked in the Senate, and the hate towards him at Harvard was legendary.

The moral thing would have been to take that half-wheel to the manager and asked, "Is this the correct price?" That aside, a pound wedge of parm, if it's la vrai chose, would make a pretty nice holiday gift to family and friends. Because there is nothing like a good parm.


@1 fad: Duly noted. Thanks! Pike Place Market is indeed, one spot I'd like to visit again one day, after all these years.

JEEZUS--like I need more reasons to avoid Florida! And I don't even have children.

Oh, YESSSS!! Bring on Metallica! Welcome, James Hetfield and crew! I would LOVE to hear the band itself play Nothing Else Matters. I know of a renowned whose cello quartet plays a MEAN string version.


@4 Bauhaus I: Why would ANY woman of sound mind ever want Ted Cruz, much less Donald Trump, between her legs?? EWWWWWWWWW!! Well, that's gruesome, indeed!

Enjoy your Parmesan cheese, dude.


And WTF is wrong with Arizona?


The thing that tickles me about those idiotic Arizona counties not certifying their votes is that the state is just going to move on without them, and that 40k+ republican votes will no longer go towards the totals for state or federal elections. Which means Dems have a chance of picking up another seat, and the CEB will likely be sued by the federal government for violating the civil rights of the voters living in the county.

This isn't the power grab they think it is, and it's going to backfire spectacularly.

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