Washington Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski is stepping down. Washington Democrats



Kevin McCarthy Is Still the Biggest Loser Even If He Wins

"It’s funny how U.S. history is now repeating itself when it comes to leadership. We went from having one of our greatest and most honorable presidents, Barack Obama, to the worst one in our history, Donald Trump. Now we will go to having our country’s greatest speaker of the House to its absolute worst.

'Madam Speaker…' morphing distortedly into 'Madman Speaker.' God help us!"



squeaker of the house
heh heh


Once octopuses mate they die? Good grief, Charlie Brown! Talk about a deterrent for breeding.

All the best, exiting Washington Democratic Chair, Tina Podlodowski. Thank you for six years of legislative work.

Give it up, already,, Kevin McKKKarthy! You're exactly like The Orange Turd in 2020 after November 3rd. You LOST! Get OVER it! No more recounts! No digging up more votes! No threatened coup attempts! It's OVER!


I love hot tubs, I enjoy boating, I might enjoy combining the two but I'd be too nervous to enjoy.


@1 Original Andrew: Kevin McKKKarthy can't be Speaker of the House--he's lost six times.
Or are the gerrymandering, rigged election-happy RepubliKKKans going to shove him into the House and gift wrap the gavel, like they did in in handing over the White House in 2000 to Dubya and 2016 to the Orange Turd?

I wonder what January 6, 2023 will be like, two years after a Trump-ordered criminal assault on the U.S. Capitol.


@3 and then again a few weeks or months later because, with still-inadequate adequate housing access, they're just sweeping the same people in circles ineffectually, costing the city millions!

Also, It's weird that the owners of a hot tub boat rental company assert their clients were drinking as if that's exceptional? Just say they were on a hot tub boat and cut the redundant speech.


Good riddance to bad garbage. Tina Podlowski made a mockery of the Democratic Party by using the power vested in her to endorse Kshama Sawant, who hates Democrats, over her opponent, an actual Democrat. What a disgrace to party leadership. At what point does the national Democratic Party intervene to stop these local party cells from being overtaken by extremists who vote for idiots?


@3 I agree with you here

ethics of the sweeps aside, and whether it's intentional or not, the parks do become hazmat scenes if they are not cared for. that's just a fact. to act like cleaning them up is some sort of insult to the unhoused or bad idea boggles my mind. maybe Jas just had issue with the word "improvements" but nevertheless, if there are random chemicals and garbage everywhere, that is something that needs to improve, both for nature and all people to safely enjoy.


what is it with republicans repeating votes over and over and over again looking for a different outcome.
how many times did they try to repeal the affordable health care act?
congress does not exist for them to sit around and masturbate.
people elected them to GET SHIT DONE.
republicans need to be forced out of existence since they have nothing to offer but chaos and obstruction
no ideas.
no leadership.
no integrity.
no humanity.
no decency.
no compassion.
they are literally soulless, self-absorbed, penis tugging toddlers.
wasting billions of dollars on their death, destruction, and dumbassery.


@12: +1 xina for the spot on WIN!! You summed it up beautifully.


@12 xina: RepubliKKKans are horrible, sorry excuses for people and they're sore losers, too.


the Longer feckless "republicans"
take the Fewer witchunts into
Hillary's laptops and the J/6
Committee. if they take til
2024 to settle on a Speak-
er it's likely a Win for

suck and Not
in a Good way.


If six Republicans in purplish areas wanted to flex their muscles and show their McCain-iness, they would cross over and vote for Jefferies.




Sir Toby dear, I hardly expect there to be any principled Republicans (they are all horrible people, after all). But this would be a perfect way for some of them to make a name for themselves by bucking the system and saying that they are going to reform the party. Guaranteed book deals and media appearances.


@17 is right, and obviously the rogue wave that sank the hot tub boat was just doing it a kindness


@15 kristofarian: It may make for a win for the Democrats politically in 2024, but at what long term cost, kris? With a do-nothing stalemate Congress the poorest of U.S. citizens--many elderly and disabled---would suffer the most, losing needed government benefits and services. Having no House Speaker until the next election will likely stymie important Biden Administration goals from being met and bills signed into law. RepubliKKKans are only all too giddily happy to engage in as much Schadenfreude as insanely possible.
Ironically, a good number of the most woefully ignorant of MAGA loyalists are also among the most vulnerable to losing those very same government benefits (SNAP, ACA, DSHS, Social Security, Medicare / Medicaid, etc.). Then they so angrily want to deny others struggling economically--in their exact same predicament--those same needed benefits and services, just so they can "own the libs" while the GOP is laughing hysterically. The Party of the Orange Turd already has the blood of innocent millions on its filthy, profiteering hands. This doesn't sound like a win to me. It sounds like a megalomaniacal GOP plot to drag the U.S. back to the Civill War.
But I certainly do agree---RepubliKKKans suck and not in a good way.

@16 Catalina Vel-DuRay: +1 Agreed. I like your thinking!

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