The police are once again doing what the police do best: protect property. In this case, it is the property of the San Francisco gallery owner caught on video hosing a homeless woman on the second day of the new year. The owner: a white man; the street person, a Black woman. The white man: arrogant posture; the Black woman: bare feet. The white man:"Move! Move! Move!"; the Black woman: screaming and pleading. 

The San Francisco Standard:

Police are guarding the Foster Gwin Gallery a day after a video of the gallery owner turning a hose on a homeless woman went viral. The business is listed as temporarily closed and has received a deluge of one-star reviews as well as a smashed door

Right of the bat, Bay Area's ABC 7 report of the viral video sympathized with the gallery owner. What really happened? Only this: Frustration with the homeless crisis spilled over into cruelty.

Mainstream media knows where the gallery owner, Collier Gwin, is coming from. The frustration is real. These elected liberals are doing nothing about it. The homeless no longer have the right to call themselves human. Gwin indeed thinks he did nothing as wrong as "her on the streets." We can be sure the Safe Seattle crowd sides with Gwin and abhors the humiliated woman. But all of this only exposes the growing soullessness of a city that elected a mayor to sweep the homeless—a policy that is, in essence, no different than the cruelty displayed by the gallery owner. Our Safe and One mayor is saying the exact same thing: "Move! Move! Move!"

The legacy of a radio personality:

And there is this: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports the "City of Seattle team dedicated to" making misery more miserable for the homeless will, at the end of this month, sweep "tents, belongings, and debris from encampments that have formed on the blocks around 13th and Howell." This camp is next to a church that has had enough of the homeless. The church to KOMO: “We need help. [And not from God, but from our very earthly, very material officials in government.]"

A note on The Man from Galilee. Many on the left are in the habit of describing Jesus Christ as a socialist. This is a mistake. There was no such thing as socialism in those Roman days. Socialism is a recent development. It arose as a response to capitalism, and nothing else. The poor socialism attempts to represent are not the same as the poor Jesus healed and fed fish. Their poverty was real. The poverty we see on the streets today is imposed. The poor of the roman world could only hope for miracles.

Speaking of God:

The rain is here and heavy in many areas. KIRO: "An atmospheric river moving across Western Washington is causing high avalanche danger in parts of the Cascades." In some parts, the warm temperatures turned snow into water, and this only made matters worse. Northwest Avalanche Center had this to say: “Travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended.” 

What's the Attorney General Merrick Garland up to? He picked a special counsel to investigate the "classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s home and former private office from his time as vice president." The person running this investigation will be Robert Hur, a former Trump-nominated US attorney.

Inflation is really falling, but no matter. The Fed will still raise interest rates, make borrowing expensive, and throw millions of Americans out of work. You have two ways to look at this. 1) the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell wants to cut inflation and restore "price stability" by killing jobs ("...restoring price stability when inflation is high can require measures that are not popular in the short term as we raise interest rates to slow the economy, because full employment"). 2) This is class war in the raw. It's about disciplining a workforce that has become too soft, too sleepy from all of this full employment.  

Smoke some CBD and enjoy this dubby remix of GusGus' "Believe"—and, yes, it's about Jesus.