The Washington Democratic caucuses are less than three weeks away. Joseph Sohm /


Slog tipper Valerie Schloredt writes:

A friend just cast a surrogate caucus vote for Bernie—he found out because of a stall on the UW campus. But I see the forms are available online, too. They have to be in by March 18th... I’m going to my caucus. But great news for Dems who have to work on March 26.

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Anyone who can't attend the March 26 caucuses because of work schedule, illness, religious observance, military service, or disability can still vote by submitting a surrogate affidavit form, according to the Washington State Democratic Party website.

The form is right here. Send or fax it in (address and fax number is at the bottom of the form) by March 18. Anyone who will be 18-years-old by election day and declares him or herself a Democrat is eligible to participate. If you are able to attend the caucuses, learn more about them and find yours right here.