Dow says Hillary is a progressive. What do you think?
Dow says Hillary is a progressive. Do you agree? Washington State Department of Transportation

King County Executive Dow Constantine released a statement this morning in support of Hillary Clinton's presidential run:

As I have considered an endorsement in the presidential race, the context has continually changed. With each dramatic development, I am reminded of what a successful modern presidency requires. Clarity in the midst of chaos. Calm in the face of unceasing storms. An uncommon breadth of knowledge, intellect and experience. And, especially, a president must be deeply committed to the idea that every American should have a genuine opportunity to thrive - and possess the ability to drive public and private institutions toward making that idea real.

This appears to be a variation on the "Hillary get things done" theme that's been ricocheting around primary season. (And sometimes used, perhaps unfairly, against Bernie Sanders.)

Constantine then capped off his endorsement by characterizing Clinton as a progressive:

Hillary Clinton is a progressive – a proven champion of working people, of civil rights, of human rights. She understands how so many of the progressive issues we in King County care about are interconnected – challenges like income inequality, environmental degradation, racism, gun violence, and access to good jobs and affordable housing. What most distinguishes her as a candidate is the ability to create real, positive change as president.

Only a handful of other local Democratic leaders have revealed their presidential endorsements. State Senator Pramila Jayapal (D-Seattle) is for Bernie. US Representative Jim McDermott (D-Seattle) and King County Council Member Joe McDermott (who's running for the other McDermott's seat) are for Hillary. Mayor Ed Murray avoided the question last November.