Whats good, Starbucks?
Amidst a national heroin epidemic, some restaurants and coffee shops like Cafe Allegro are installing sharps disposal containers in their bathrooms. What's good, Starbucks? Ansel Herz

At this point, it's no secret that Seattle has a heroin problem. So what are fast food joints and cafes like Starbucks (aka: one of the city's many unsafe injection sites) doing to protect their employees when they have to clean up used needles and razorblades in their store's bathrooms? In the case of Starbucks, corporate officials have busied themselves telling baristas not to push down on bathroom trash to avoid getting poked.

Rather than following the coffee giant's example, Cafe Allegro managers did something much more thoughtful: They installed a sharps disposal box in their University District coffee shop's single-stall bathroom. As a result, Allegro's baristas are less likely to be pricked while cleaning at work. The Stranger reached out to Cafe Allegro's managers to hear more about their decision to install the box, but they did not return calls for comment at the time of publication.

In the meantime, city officials are debating what kind of safe space to create for drug-users.

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