Imagine another country drone striking us.
Imagine another country drone bombing your neighborhood, for a second. dvande /

No, this didn't actually happen. But if Turkey was an empire, like the United States, operating under a "global war on terror" framework, like the United States, it might be drone bombing Pennsylvania, or abducting one of our residents with secret agents and "rendering" him to a black site. Glenn Greenwald:

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan places the blame for this weekend’s failed coup attempt on an Islamic preacher and one-time ally, Fethullah Gulen (above), who now resides in Pennsylvania with a green card...

In light of the presence on U.S. soil of someone the Turkish government regards as a “terrorist” and a direct threat to its national security, would Turkey be justified in dispatching a weaponized drone over Pennsylvania to find and kill Gulen if the U.S. continues to refuse to turn him over, or sending covert operatives to kidnap him?

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It's worth asking the question because this is exactly what the United States has done throughout the Middle East and Europe over the past fifteen years.