Dan Savage to Daily Beast: Take Down Your Creepy Olympic Grindr “Exposé”


Code of ethics with modern journalists is a fucking joke..and has been for years.
Long tweet feeds push preceding articles faster down into the "Next Page" land of the archives, Ana.
What a piece of garbage. Ruining lives for a story that brings the public zero benefits.
So easy to write the "Click Bait link"

Click here to kill a gay athlete.
"the story was edited to remove details about the athletes after a deluge of angry tweets flooded in"

What the fucking fuck?! It didn't occur to them to remove personal details before publishing dangerous shite? @JohnAvalon should step down.
I can't shake this story and the feeling of dread I have about these gay athletes.

Is this story going to inspire their home countries to go on Grindr themselves? Looking for gay athletes in their ranks?

Or are these countries self-serving enough that they will leave them be -- at least until their athletic prowess has waned.

@2: What the hell are you talking about? No they don't. There are 15 articles per page regardless of length. The author doesn't need you telling her how to do her job, so STFU and GTFO.
I'm still not sure what the point of the article was. There are gay Olympians hooking up with other gay Olympians in something approaching a fujoshi's most stereotypical wet dream? Yes, aaand?
@5, that was my thought too. WTF is wrong with these people? Do they not have editors at Daily Beast? Not even bother with a cursory glance at this stuff before it's posted?

Even in this country, where marriage is finally legal, it is wrong to out someone involuntarily (unless they're a hypocrite politician or something). But to out an athlete from countries where they could be imprisoned or executed is inexcusable. Seriously. Who the fuck thought this "article" was a good idea on any level?
"We take such complaints seriously because a central part of The Daily Beast's mission is to fight for full equality and equal treatment for LGBT people around the world. Publishing an article that in any way could be seen as homophobic is contrary to our mission." - from the editors note on the article.

How can you simultaneously make the claim that you support LGBTQ equality while allowing a piece that looks like it was written for a frat house newsletter remain on your site? How did it not occur to anyone that this article was only in poor taste but dangerous?
I think the Change.org petition errs in only asking for Hines to be fired and not for the story to be taken down, but I signed it anyway.
@7: Yeah, ok, but I'm not the first to bitch about twitteritis on Slog. It should be used judiciously. Retweeting isn't writing. You can't deny that good content and prose is a better reader experience.
Actually, it looks like they have taken it down. But a similar story out of Sochi two years ago now tops their "most-read" list.
Okay, it is down now. Now the question is: how can we help these athletes, who are likely terrified if they are not out and/or are from“notoriously homophobic” countries? They need to know help is available, discretely, with their safety as the primary concern. I didn't read the original piece and only saw one of these countries mentioned on twitter, but won't repeat it here, because this is a deadly serious matter.

Who is in Rio now who can and will discretely offer these guys actual help? I don't know enough about Rio to know if it is safe enough should they be allowed to stay on after the games. Otherwise, they will need visas to LGBT-friendly countries and airfare/safe transit. Either way they will need access to emergency housing, support and cash to help get established. In the days of the USSR, athletes defecting to the USA were welcomed and supported; does anyone have any contacts/ideas on countries that would issue visas fast to any of these guys who doesn't feel safe going home?
A small clandestine squad of tech-savvy gay men is currently scheming to publicly humiliate or ruin the career of that 'journalist'. Good on 'em.
The Slate coverage made a really subtle point with its choice of picture to accompany Mr Stern's piece.
Hypocrisy from Dan Savage? No way!

@17: How many of those people at the RNC were outed with personal details? How many of those people at the RNC were from countries wherein homosexuality is punishable by death? Yeah, that's what I thought. You lose; thanks for playing.
@17 I fail to see your point. I quick search in that article doesn't turn up Dan Savage's name at all...