Doms come a long way from covering this women for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna rally.
Dom's come a long way from method-acting covering this women for Rob McKenna rally with Goldy. Kelly O

Dominic Holden has won the 2016 Journalist of the Year Award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalism Association.

Dom, who hardly needs an introduction around these parts, left The Stranger in 2014 for BuzzFeed, where he's made a national name for himself covering LGBTQ stories from Kentucky to Detroit. This is the third year in a row that BuzzFeed has received the award.

Seattle Gay News has the quotes:

In a recent NLGJA press release, one judge wrote, 'Holden presents a really strong mix of thoughtful trans stories, a good take on familiar subject matter, some really strong characters and good depth.' Holden additionally took second place in News Writing (Non-Daily) for 'Why Are Black Transgender Women Getting Killed in Detroit?'

I reached out to Holden for a comment and he responded: 'This award is really a recognition of BuzzFeed's overall smarts and dedication to LGBT issues. They haven't treated this like a niche, but a beat worth investing time and energy in.'

Go Dom. (And congratulations to all the other award winners doing the work.) You deserve it. That said, the tunnel misses you.

(Now go read some great stories from Dom's small-time past, like the time he tried to blend in with anti-gay marriage activists in Bellevue.)