WHIMWHIM Photo Credit: Bamberg Fine Art
WHIMW'HIM Photo Credit: Bamberg Fine Art

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I'm gonna make a recommendation about an arts event this weekend—something I saw last weekend, something you might want to consider seeing this weekend, something that may disrupt your usual patterns of cultural consumption.

Actually, that's not fair. I'm projecting. What I meant to say is that I'm gonna recommend something outside my usual patterns of cultural consumption: an evening of dance.

WHiMW'HiM is a local dance company led by former Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal dancer and award-winning choreographer Olivier Wevers. I don't see much dance—I tend to prefer live performances that involve people standing around loudly arguing with each other (BECAUSE OF COURSE I DO)—and I'm gonna fess up/fully disclose right here at the top: I didn't attend WHiMW'HiM's Choreographic Shindig last weekend because I wanted to expand my cultural horizons by checking out the local dance scene. I went because a friend is dating someone in the company and we were offered tickets and I wanted to be a good and supportive friend and so I had some milk and cookies and I went... a little reluctantly, if I'm gonna be perfectly honest, because an evening without people standing around arguing with each other hardly seems like a night out.

But I was so glad I went—and you should go too.

WHIMWHIM Photo Credit: Bamberg Fine Art
WHIMW'HIM Photo Credit: Bamberg Fine Art

The program features the work of three choreographers—Joseph Hernandez from Germany, Lauren Edson from Idaho, and MADBOOTS (Austin Diaz and Jonathan Campbell) from New York City—chosen by WHiMW'HiM's dancers. I'm not going to attempt to describe the work because I don't have a frame of reference, I'm not a dance critic, and I don't want to embarrass myself with a failed attempt. But there was a lot of jumping around, some astroturf, a ton of rose petals, some Karen Carpenter (swoon), and even some people standing around arguing. It was really riveting and I left the performance resolved to get out and see more dance in Seattle.

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Oh, um, gee.

I just looked at tickets and the rest of the performances are sold out. But go anyway. There could be a rush line for returns, there could be no-shows, or maybe they'll decide to cash in and sell some SRO tickets. The show is worth lining up for, it's worth trying to get in, sold out or not.

UPDATE: Just heard from WHiMW'HiM—there will be a limited quantity of rush tickets available at the door starting at 7pm, and they'll be selling standing-room-only tickets. So have some milk and cookies and go!