Hey Sloggers:

My pal, writer Paul Dailing, will be in Seattle next week and is in search of a bar that might have some Cubs fans in it for the NLCS games Tuesday, Wednesday and (if necessary) Thursday. (He's gonna miss Games 1 and 2 because he's taking Amtrak like a good person would). He writes the brilliant blog 1001 Chicago Afternoons, leads a walking tour of the history of Chicago corruption that raises money for grassroots journalism training for minority kids in marginalized Chicago neighborhoods, and is an all around good guy. His sister lives in Seattle, but he'd like some advice about where to best watch the Cubs. Leave suggestions in comments, or contact him through his blog. Thanks!

PS: Paul writes me this in an email. This has not been fact-checked—like so many things written for the Stranger over the last quarter-century—but it sounds right:

I applied to the Stranger when I was 22. My cover letter in its entirety was "Me write good. Me write good for you?"
Their response was "You do write good. Me have no jobs right now."
Touché , The Stranger. Touché .