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Rolling Stone has been found liable for defaming former University of Virginia associate dean Nicole Eramo in their retracted 2014 story about the alleged gang rape of a student. Eramo claims she was portrayed as the villain of the story.

Hawes Spencer, a journalist in central Virginia, was one of the reporters to break the news:

In the $7.5 million suit, Eramo's attorneys said that reporter Sabrina Erdley and the magazine acted with "malice" and a "reckless disregard for the truth". After three days of deliberation, a jury found Erdley, Rolling Stone, and the magazine's publisher, Wenner Media, responsible for both. Damages have yet to be determined.

The lawyer for Rolling Stone claimed the reporter was acting in "good faith" on the information she had.

The story still ended up being what Paul Constant called a failure of journalism.