Mayor Ed Murray is getting a new speechwriter.
Mayor Ed Murray is getting a new speechwriter. City of Seattle

Longtime Seattle journalist Josh Feit is leaving his job as politics editor at Seattle Met to become a speechwriter for Mayor Ed Murray.

Feit worked as news editor at The Stranger before founding the Met's politics blog, PubliCola, in 2009. A well-sourced and animated politics and transit wonk, Feit regularly breaks news on the site and can write a thousand-plus words about land use with the ease of few other reporters in the city.

He announced the news on the blog today, saying he's "excited to get to work helping the mayor of our deep blue American city articulate the alternative to Trump’s reactionary national agenda."

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I believe American cities are at the forefront of progressive action right now, and urban centers like NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, LA, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, D.C., Boston and Seattle are under the spotlight to deliver. We are sanctuary cities in more ways than one, and after covering four Seattle mayors, I believe Murray has the boldest track record of getting stuff done.

Having said that, I’m reflective, sad, and a little scared about leaving PubliCola. I’ve been a working reporter for 20 years. And PubliCola is my baby. I founded it exactly eight years ago—the week that Obama was inaugurated in January 2009. And it’s been a wonderful trying blast finding Fizz every morning since.