What would people who've been living in Seattle a year recommend to new arrivals? We thought, perhaps, that the newcomers would be totally off base and name really lame places, and tell people to hang out at Pike's Place or party on Cap Hill. (Editor's Note: It's Pike Place Market and Capitol Hill, or "The Hill," never Cap Hill. Stop calling it that right now.) But we were pleasantly surprised. Here's what they had to say…

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Adamn Rakunas Grace Rakunas
Adam Rakunas, 42, stay-at-home parent and science-fiction novelist, moved here September 2015

Best neighborhood in Seattle?
Whichever one has a taco truck parked in it.

Best restaurants and what to order?
Rumba, jerk chicken salad; Cafe Soleil, ginger shrimp; 2 Doors Down, veggie 420 burger; Seattle Deli, any banh mi and egg rolls; the barbecue place on Cherry next to Garfield Community Center, the brisket; the Garage, the fancy-ass poutine (and, yes, I know every Canadian will scream "That's not poutine!" You guys have socialized medicine, give us this while our country implodes, okay?).

Best bars and clubs?
I'm a boring married guy, so I like a place where I can get a beer and play video games with my kid. Chuck's Hop Shop is perfect for that, especially on a night with a good food truck parked in front. Boring married guys of Seattle: Come to Chuck's.

Best coffee?
Hi Spot Cafe, Verite Coffee, and Cortona Cafe.

What are some secret spots that no tourist would ever know about?
The Rainier Beach playfield.

What are some things you know now but didn't know then?
The public schools are a mess because the state's government is a mess. All the clichés about coffee are true. The city's explosive growth means that every place you love will probably vanish in a few years. People keep voting for Goodspaceguy and will continue to do so because ha-ha the republic is dead.

How do you get through Seattle winters?
Running, coffee, and tacos.

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