Capitol Hill Station at dusk...
Capitol Hill Station at dusk...

For the past 11 years, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has done a great job of keeping city up with what's going down in its most vivid neighborhood. This Sunday "it is going into a kind of stasis," writes the blog's publisher Justin Carder, who has nearly 47 thousand followers on Twitter. The blog is also popular ("1.7 million 'users' have visited the site in the past year"), but apparently not popular enough to keep going while its publisher takes a break. CHS has been sustained by the herculean labors of Carder.

"I’ve worked on the site for a decade," Carder texted, "full-time news for the last eight years. I’m in a position to step away and do some other things in life for a bit and then, if the time is right, come back. CHS has always been lightweight and portable. I’m just folding her up for a while."

In another text: "But I’ll really miss the audience, I’m fortunate to have had their attention for such a long time. I don’t really know exactly what is next but I think I’ll be back even though nobody else does."

The sabbatical will be a big loss of important information for our city.

Das CHS reporter and publisher Justin Carder.
Das CHS reporter and publisher Justin Carder. Courtesy Justin Carder