Air pollution in China.
Air pollution in China. Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

While we wait for President Trump to say for certain whether he's pulling the US out of the Paris Accord on climate change, here's what Cliff Mass and Charles Mudede had to say about the accord during their recent climate change debate. It was (in addition to air conditioners) an unusual point of agreement between the two blog foes.

You have to listen to the full audio of the Mass vs. Mudede debate to find it, but here's a quick transcript:

Cliff Mass: The Paris Accords, they're not doing very much. If you read them carefully, you find that's not going to have a big impact on what's going to happen here.

Charles Mudede: Here, I agree with you. I absolutely agree.

Cliff Mass: It's a very, very weak stuff.

Extended excerpts of the debate, arranged into a four-round fight, are right here.