Third Daughter by DoNormaal, is now available.
Third Daughter by DoNormaal, is now available.

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DoNormaal has spent the past couple of years building a reputation as one of the hardest working, most inspired live performers in Seattle music. And her debut record, Jump or Die (2015) has proven to be a durable introduction, living up to consistent private and public listening. She has been dropping hints about her forthcoming follow-up for a while now and today is the day:

You can stream the whole thing (and read my first impressions) below the jump:

First impressions:

I only just made it all the way through the 19 (!) songs, and there's no denying that Third Daughter is more accomplished, more ambitious, stealthier, funnier, sadder, deeper, and darker than its predecessor. Her rapping and writing have both made the kind of huge forward strides you hope will come from playing live as much as she does.

And the tracks themselves are super nourishing—direct, uncluttered, and human, but also complex, full of organic details and instrumental flourishes that make you drag the cursor back to make sure you didn't imagine it.

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I don't know what it means for records to "blow up" anymore, but if any Seattle artist makes a more purely impressive LP this year, well... I guess we'll all be a bunch of lucky motherfuckers. In the meantime, let's all spend these precious summer hours getting to know this indisputably major contribution from one of the most interesting musicians in town.

As she singspiels on the hypnotic "Magic DoNormaal": "every time you hear my name it's approved by everybody." Maybe not everybody, but then, not everybody has heard Third Daughter yet.

I'm pretty sure that's about to change.

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