Detainees Launch Another Hunger Strike at Tacoma Immigrant Detention Center to Protest Facility Conditions


Please, the conditions in an FDC are 100 times better than any county jail or state prison. The foods better, the equipment is nicer, the cells and quarters are the same, but don't have 60 years of piss and ass funk integrated into everything at a molecular level. And duh, nobody is supposed to let you fucking "organize" and protest in a lock up facility. There's usually only one or two guards monitoring a unit per shift so if you start raising a ruckus your gonna get the whole place locked down. That's how prison/jail works. Don't like it? Don't make desicions that put you there.
like the trump administration and the enduring coalition that elected him gives a shit. That might of worked under Obama but this is a new political reality says otherwise.
@1 go fuck yourself
A prison for PROFIT. The guards are mainly WHITE and the prisoners are mainly brown.

This place is where people are held indefinitely with no rights. The money comes from our taxes.
This concentration camp should be taken down.
@3 Actually, you should go fuck yourself. The reason these people are in detention is because they broke the law by coming here illegally.