Sharlese: Im able to choose different adventures by exploring the realms of different communities: rock, hiphop, Americana, techno, house, ambient, etc.
Sharlese: "I'm able to choose different adventures by exploring the realms of different communities: rock, hiphop, Americana, techno, house, ambient, etc."

DJ SHARLESE (KEXP, TUF, False Prophet, Technodad)

Current top 5 tracks:

Golden Donna, "Alone in the City" (Yūgen)

Iv/An, "Repetitive Phase (Rework)" (TONN Recordings)

IVVY, "Social Gathering" (Jungle Gym)

Police Des Moeurs, "Heure Bleue" (Mannequin)

doNormaal, "Ego Slave" (self-released)

Crew/label affiliations: False Prophet, TUF, Technodad, Audioasis on KEXP, Expansions on KEXP

Styles played: "Local (good songs of all different varieties from the PNW), techno, house, coldwave, industrial, minimal synth."

DJing philosophy: "I play a lot of different varieties of music and with that, there's a different creative processes that I go through. With yoga sets, I try to attend the class with the teacher so I can get a feel for their flow and the styles of music that they like, using ambient and beats. With KEXP sets, I try to hustle as much as possible, I pay attention to what shows are happening around town, I have a great mix of friends in the station and in the community that tip me off to things happening in Seattle. Social media and e-mail are also great resources for me and even just hanging out and having a fun conversation about music are influential on my radio sets.

"I believe that Audioasis should act as a resource for PNW music, so it's super important that I have new music every week. I'm always on the hunt and sometimes I hit people up randomly to see if they have anything that they're working on that I can consider for the show. I also do that for Expansions, in addition to going through demos, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc. It's really fun to be limitless and tell the story that I want to for three hours. I experiment with ambient, beats, and all different styles to truly represent electronic music the best I can.

"My False Prophet sets are all about finding tracks that make me want to move. I try to look for things that are on boutique labels all around the world and I listen to a lot of SoundCloud and Bandcamp to dig deep to find those special tracks that push and engage the audience, while still having flow and getting people to dance. I figure if I'm having a good time then others will, too.

"Sometimes I worry that I'm being judged for my technical ability, but a good track is a good track. I love all DJs, whether they're technically proficient or selectors! I love watching DJs, how they move and feel what they're doing and hearing all types of different sets. I am placed in a very unique position as a DJ. I have access to so many different styles of music because I'm on the radio and the exposure is high because it's given to me. Through that, I'm able to choose different adventures by exploring the realms of different communities: rock, hiphop, Americana, techno, house, ambient, etc... it's all there for me to discover and promote.

"This is how I feel: You're judging yourself more than others are judging you. You can tell yourself, 'don't fuck up,' but it's always going to go the way that it's supposed to go. Most of all, if it isn't fun, then stop doing it, and if you're worried about what other people think, then definitely stop doing it. Let that thing go."

Format: "I started DJing music on the radio, so I learned playing music in CD radio format. I really didn't get into electronic music until I started randomly hanging out at Electric Tea Garden. There was a point when I was there all the time and I fell in love with techno there. I attended some really great memorable parties by DJs who have had an immense effect on shaping the underground community.

"Also, that's really where I got my start in DJing. I used to host a party with TJ Cowgill of Actual Pain and Ozma Otacava called Second Sight, and I played drag sets that turned into minimal synth, coldwave, industrial ones. I actually played my first techno set at ETG as well, all of these on a Traktor S2. Second Sight ended and I started Audiodrome with Kate Moore at Pony. When that ended, we started False Prophet.

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"I would consider myself a digital DJ, but I caught the bug of buying records so I have quite a bit of vinyl (local music, house, techno, coldwave, minimal synth, and ones that I call my "guilty pleasures") and most recently moved into a CDJ format. I own a Xone:32 mixer and even though the gain is in a weird spot, I do love using it. I have created a DJ mecca at my apartment, a pair of Technics SL 1200s, the Allen and Heath mixer, two digital Traktor controllers (S2 and A6) and a pair of Pioneer Nexus CDJs, one 900 and a 2000. So I guess all of them, because DJing is fun!"

Worst request: "'Could you play Top 40 music so we can dance?'"

Upcoming events:
Audioasis on KEXP // Saturday nights from 6-9pm
Expansions on KEXP // Rotating Hosts // Sundays nights 9pm-midnight
Corepower (Capitol Hill) w/ Joe Burley, 8/22 at 7:30 PM
Yo Yo Yoga with Joe Burley at Monkey Loft, 8/24 at 5:30 PM
False Prophet presents Sextile at Kremwerk, 9/22
Pagan Tango at Lava Lounge, 9/23
Black Leather at Mercury at Machinewerks, 10/5
False Prophet presents Drab Majesty at the Lazer Dome, 10/22