UW campus life: was it everything you thought it would be, and more?
UW campus life: Was it everything you thought it would be, and more? gregobagel VIA GETTY IMAGES

Are you a recent college graduate (last 1-3 years) of UW, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle Central, or Cornish?

Do you have some tales to tell about your time there? Is there something you wish someone had told you about your school before you started? Something that you’re burning to tell a fresh-faced newbie just starting college there? A cautionary tale? A secret spot on campus to study/make out/smoke up/escape your roommates? How to best manage classes, hangovers, Tinder dates, student loans, staying safe, finding friends and staying sane?

What’s up with on-campus housing and meal plans, Greek life, geek life, and/or queer life on campus? And, most importantly, where are the best vending machines at, the ones that are always stocked with Jalapeno Cheetos for your late-night cravings?

We’d love to talk to you. Email us with your contact information and we’ll get in touch for a short phone interview! Thanks!