Photos: Adopt One of These Hurricane Pups from the Humane Society


I'm not sure if dog porn means what you think it means.
If you are going to adopt a "hurricane dog" from the south, keep in mind that they are at increased risk for fungal infections and other lung/breathing maladies, some of which can be very expensive to treat.

So make sure you are prepared for this increased cost, and if you plan on buying pet insurance, make sure the shelter paperwork does not mention any kind of coughing or anything, or your insurance claims will be denied due to pre-existing conditions.
Oh, and I just saw the "cannabis treats" caption.

DO NOT give your dog drugs unless a vet prescribed them. It is inhumane and dangerous. Animals can not consent to being on recreational drugs, and may find it causes anxiety or fear, if not health problems.

DO NOT give your dog drugs unless a vet prescribed them.
@2&3: You're stupid.
@4: Nu-uh, you are.
Apropos of no particular disaster, the cat we adopted from Spokanimal (yes, that's right) had been trucked in from California. Like an avocado. An adorable black avocado named Max.
The NY Times article said cats will also be flown in from Texas for adoption.
Uh why import animals to Washington when we kill so many unwanted animals bred and born right here?
First 'truckload' arrived in Bellevue.…
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