Nearly 20,000 DACA recipients live in Washington State.
Nearly 20,000 DACA recipients live in Washington State. SB

Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft Ask Trump to Maintain DACA: Reuters and Fox News reported yesterday that the Trump administration will consider ending the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protects people brought to the US as undocumented children from deportation. Roughly 19,000 of these "DREAMers" live in Washington State, and in an open letter published on Thursday, corporate executives made an economic argument to prevent them from being kicked out of the country. “Dreamers are vital to the future of our companies and our economy,” the letter read.

Governor Jay Inslee Calls DACA a "Moral Issue": And he says that if Trump doesn't defend the Obama-era program from Republican attorneys general, he'll ask Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson to file suit.

Libertarians Think a City Income Tax Is Unfair to the Rich: And they're suing Seattle over it. The Pacific Legal Foundation, based in Bellevue, is arguing that an income tax is "an 'achievement tax,' punishing people for personal success.'"


How Did Cynthia Whitlatch Get Her Biased and Aggressive Policing Firing Reversed? That's the question that the Community Policing Commission wants to know, and they're requesting records documenting which higher-ups made the decision leading to Whitlatch's disciplinary pardoning. Whitlatch was fired in 2015 after she arrested a 69-year-old black man for using a golf club as a cane while walking down the street.

Gay City Was the Only Organization to Sit Out the Mayor's Arts Awards This Year: The Capitol Hill LGBTQ nonprofit declined to participate because of allegations that Murray sexually abused teens in the 1980s, including his foster son. The city's LGBTQ and Human Rights commissions have called on Murray to resign, but Murray has denied the allegations and insisted he will stay in office. "We believe arts can be a community health intervention, and this is a moment that requires an intervention," Gay City wrote in a Facebook post explaining its decision.

Muslim School Staff in Kent Get Hate Mail: After two incidents in which Muslim staffers received hate mail, the district superintendent sent out an e-mail this week reminding them "that the district stands for inclusiveness and tolerance," KUOW reports.

Man Dies in Custody at Snohomish Jail: A 35-year-old man died Thursday morning after officials used a Taser on him and restrained him in a chair. He was being held on suspicion of attempted vehicle prowl and obstruction, the Seattle Times reports.

Driver Crashes into Federal Way Cop Car: The suspect pulled out of the "Time Out Ale House" parking lot at a high speed before T-boning a patrol car, police say. The police officer in the T-boned cruiser was not injured.

Man Killed on I-5 While Trying to Fill Car with Gas: "Kenneth Oatts, 43, was standing outside the car in the southbound lane near the Tacoma Dome when another vehicle hit him about 10 p.m," the Seattle Times reports.

This could have been prevented.
This could have been prevented. GETTY / GU_MUNDUR TMASSON

Washington State Officials Knew Salmon Farm Was Accident Waiting to Happen: "Cooke Aquaculture and state officials knew at least six months ago that the floating salmon farm that collapsed in August was "nearing the end of serviceable life," with accelerating corrosion eating away at its hinges and steel structure," KUOW reports. "Even so, they agreed to fill the damaged structure with a full load of 3.1 million pounds of Atlantic salmon in an area regularly swept by strong currents.

First Harvey Rescue Dog Adopted in Seattle: He's a Belgian Shepherd, named Harvey.