Some very visually compelling baby octopus, soon to be served on north Capitol Hill.
Some very visually compelling baby octopus, soon to be served on north Capitol Hill. Itto's Tapas Facebook

Toscana to Become Itto's Tapas, and A New A Pizza Mart Is Moving to Pike/Pine


Toscana Pizzeria, the funky little pizza and pasta place between the Summit Public House and Sun Liquor, is closing its doors, says CHS Blog. Before the Slummit served its own food, you could waltz directly into Toscana via a door they shared in the back, order up some greasy, delicious pizza, and bring it back to the bar. I did this far too many times to actually regret that Toscana is closing, although I will admit to significant nostalgia. On the upside, they're being replaced by a new location of popular West Seattle Moroccan place Itto's Tapas. Makes sense, given that owner Khalid Agour owned Toscana for 16 years before launching Itto's to cook the food he grew up on. It's named after his mother, appropriately. Moroccan is not a genre I can recall having a previous presence on the hill, and our own Angela Garbes loved their food and fancy cocktails last year, so this will be a welcome addition indeed.

CHS also reports that A Pizza Mart's latest location will be on the Pike/Pine corridor, which keeps our pizza quotient right where it should be. The new space will be on 11th Ave between Pike and Union, which means Big Mario's has competition in the divey pizza bar business. Apparently they've anticipated that (or maybe there is no such thing as too much pizza), as CHS also reports that Mario's is expanding into the warehouse space where Caffe Vita keeps its beans.

Full Tilt's Fifth Location Will Be on the Hill

As Ana Sofia recently reported, Capitol Hill is getting even more ice cream. And just in time for winter, too! However, since it's Full Tilt and their ice cream is pretty goddamn good, I'm guessing people will still flock to them even in freezing weather. This will be the popular creamery's fifth location, and it'll be replacing the Starbucks between Smith and Sugar Plum. I'm not sure if that counts as competition for Sugar Plum, as Sugar Plum is very vegan, but it's certainly a lot of ice cream! Reminder: even if you are not vegan, Sugar Plum is still very worth a visit.

Let's Also Welcome Tamari Bar

"The very corporate World of Beers and its independently owned but equally ill-fated successor, 500 East, are long gone. Now, thank heavens, the Canadian company behind the absolutely spectacular izakaya spot Suika Seattle will be taking over the space to open a place called Tamari Bar, according to a recently submitted liquor license application. No word on what it will be about, but if it's even half as good as Suika, it'll do wonders to activate that space.

Dick's Picks Kent

Earlier this year, Seattleites were given the opportunity to vote on which direction local burger legend Dick's Drive-In Restaurants should expand—east or south. They picked south, but that's all they picked. No particular city was designated and no firm timeline was given. Now, we have both. After being courted by several cities, Dick's has settled on Kent, KOMO reports. The new location will be about five miles south of SeaTac Airport on Highway 99, and will open sometime in fall of 2018.

Bigger, Better Breweries

The Central District's Standard Brewing Co., which completed its expansion earlier this year, is now serving up food and real booze, Eater reports. Like, the kind of booze where you measure the alcohol by proof.

Up in Ballard, fellow nanobrewery Populuxe is prepared to vastly expand its tiny indoor seating area, Eater adds, and is just waiting on final approval from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB). The new space is about 4,000 sq. ft., and will allow for an expansion of production facilities. And thus, room for more barrel-aging, bottling, and miscellaneous experimenting. If that wasn't all good enough news, the new seating area includes a curated selection of pinball machines on loan from the Seattle Pinball Museum. Huzzah!

Brass Knuckle Punches Through

White Center's 3.14 Bakery, named in reference to the pies that it peddled, shuttered recently, but will soon be replaced by Brass Knuckle Bistro. Appropriate, as the space was a kickboxing studio before it was a bakery. Brass Knuckle will be "a different kind of sandwich shop."

"There's no reason a decent sandwich has to cost $12+," their website contends. While no particular genre or theme is outlined, they promise to blend "classic technique" with "modern ideas" to create "superlative sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides." They also promise to be open sometime this fall.

There's a New Bright, Airy Coffee Shop in the CD

Well, between the Central District and Little Saigon, really. PRŪF Cafe and Bar is now open on 14th and Jackson, Eater says, and people on the Yelp are very pleased. Apparently it is a good place to go do freelance scarf design or update your wildly popular Pomeranian dog blog or whatever it is freelancers do on their Macbooks all day. Sometimes I write this column on mine, but if I'm honest I spend most of the day on Twitter, trying to stave off the drab realities of the gig economy with a few lulz:

Chavez Coming to Pike Place?

There's no official announcement, but the popular Capitol Hill pop-up-turned-permanent Mexican joint has a liquor license application in for the former Tully's coffee space next to Victor Steinbruck park and kind of behind Cutter's Crabhouse. I sent them a Facebook message asking if it's a move or an expansion or a pivot to juice or whatever, and will update you next week if I hear back.

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The Weird Foods Guy Was Here

Apparently Chef Andrew Zimmern, who has a hilariously awkward show about eating penises and other odd foods, has been hanging around Seattle. According to Eater, he's here filming for a his latest show, The Zimmern List. The show will be short segments on his favorite foods, along with some backstory about their makers. He's apparently scouting locations around Pike Place, and visited Three Girls Bakery, Piroshky Piroshky, and Bavarian Meats. Bavarian Meats is the best!

Ever wonder what it would be like if Andrew Zimmern dropped in on your lunch hour? Now we know!!! So thrilled to have Andrew Zimmern and his crew in the deli today at Pike Place. He was scouting around for his new Travel Channel Series The Zimmern List. We were all Honored to share a few of our favorite traditional bites! Thanks so much for stopping by Andrew and crew! His entourage was the definition of rad!! #andrewzimmern #thetravelchannel #travelchannel #seattle #familypride #employeeappreciation #community #visitseattle #seattlepulse #bavarianmeats #pikeplacemarket #seattle #farmersmarket #german #bavarian #eatlocal #buylocal #artisan #craftsman #eatrealfood #sausage #familybusiness #germanfood #pnw #pacificnorthwest #sausagemeister #charcuterie #pride #sausage #germansausage @chefaz #zimmernlist

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