Ed Murray is out and Bruce Harrell is in—for now.
Ed Murray is out and Bruce Harrell is in—for now. seattle city council

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City Council President Bruce Harrell Will Serve as Interim Mayor: Harrell, who represented parts of South Seattle on the council, was sworn in yesterday evening. The transition of power follows former mayor Ed Murray's resignation after a fifth man, his cousin, accused him of child sex abuse.

He Has Five Calendar Days: "He will either retain the mayorship and lose his council seat or another council member will take the job," Heidi explained. "Either way, the council will appoint a replacement for the open council seat. The interim mayor will remain in office until the results of the November mayoral election are certified and either Jenny Durkan or Cary Moon becomes mayor."

Victim of Spokane's Freeman High School Shooting Identified: His name is Sam Strahan. The 15-year-old was "fatally shot after he confronted a fellow sophomore who’d come to school armed Wednesday morning," the Spokesman-Review reports. Three teenage girls were also wounded in the shooting.

Trump Says He's "Fairly Close” to Reaching a Deal to Protect Dreamers: In exchange for protecting young immigrant recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, he wants "massive border controls," excluding his infamous border wall, which would "come later," according to the Associated Press. The announcement follows a meeting between Trump and Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi last night. "A person briefed on the Wednesday night meeting, who spoke on condition anonymity about the private get-together, said the deal specifies bipartisan legislation that would provide eventual citizenship for the young immigrants," the AP reports.

Conservatives Are Already Turning Against Trump:

Speaking of DACA: Meet Graciela Nuñez, Monserrat Padilla, and Paúl Quiñonez whose futures are uncertain thanks to the Trump administration's decision to end DACA. All three are fighting for the rights of undocumented immigrants.

Seattle Is Less White Than It Has Ever Been: U.S. Census Bureau showed that about 64 percent of Seattle residents are white as 2016, compared to 66 percent of residents in 2015.

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Non-Binary Washingtonians Could Soon Have Their Identities Represented on Their Birth Certificates: The state health department is working on a proposal to make it happen. Adriaan Dippenaar, founder and director of the Seattle Nonbinary Collective, called the proposal an "important, symbolic step forward" to help non-binary people fight erasure.

A Reminder That People Are the Worst: A Poulsbo man shot his neighbor's 2-year-old mastiff mix, Zeus, after it wandered into his yard. Zeus survived, but is "in a permanent state of 'critical but stable condition,'" veterinarians told KING 5.

A Strange Threat in Olympic National Park: Mountain goats. Officials with the National Parks Service are considering scooping up the salt-loving goats, which could be an invasive species, and transporting them via helicopter to the Cascades, the Seattle Times reports.